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Sunrider @AmandaFlagg HAPPY FLAG DAY
Sunrider @JesseCox @wowcrendor You say that as if that's a bad thing.
Sunrider @miracleofsound Kanye is a disgusting, talentless moron. I cringed my way through those quotes.
Sunrider @JessBrohard #ti4euhub Did you guys not like my kitten picture? ;_;
Sunrider @JessBrohard #ti4euhub I heard you like kittens, so here's one of mine.
Sunrider @TheGDStudio #TI4EUhub Gang Beasts is the best fighting game ever. Play it, or my cat will cry.
Sunrider @dexbonus Sam might be the one they want. He's quite a catch, after all.
Sunrider @JKCompletesIt Loved the way you used the Voices from the Lifestream soundtrack in the FF video! A+, looking forward to the rest.
Sunrider @garygannon Oooh, share the goodies, will ya? Link me!
Sunrider @LDdota No need to apologize! Take as much time as you need! Looking forward to it. =)
Sunrider @LDdota Are you on a break or am I just an idiot? Haven't seen you cast anything for a while now. =(
Sunrider @redlightning596 Yeah, that's why I was so surprised. I figured it was a joke at first, but still.
Sunrider @redlightning596 Awesome. Thanks for pointing that out, I didn't even notice.
Sunrider @miracIeofsound Oookay. Unexpected reaction. =(
Sunrider @miracleofsound I'll take the Smart Pistol over sniper camping any day of the week.
Sunrider @trollnystan Not sure if awesome or FUCK THAT SHIT.
Sunrider @trollnystan Vad heter serien? Blev nyfiken nu. Jag lär inte se den, men man kan åtminstone läsa om den.
Sunrider @trollnystan Japanese overacting? *SHOCKU*
Sunrider @JesseCox I hear ya. I'll have a look at your series and then decide for myself. I actually liked the prequels. I know, I'm terrible. =(