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Conor Devlin RT @TweetsByBilal: A lot of respect for John Boyega Man went from defending the ends from aliens to defending galaxies far far away https:…
Conor Devlin @nicemovemumbles or a fleshy pink for obvious compensation
Conor Devlin @nicemovemumbles some horrid putrid green/yellow combo to defeat my enemies with tackiness
Conor Devlin Time to go into work & have old men be needlessly rude and abrasive because I'm 21 and they're 70 so they've earned their "total wank" card
Conor Devlin New profile picture is me celebrating Star Wars before I knew any better
Conor Devlin @nicemovemumbles I bet he's called Chad CHAD CHAD CHAD CHAD
Conor Devlin @StevenBeargal Pretty much to show you have money :|
Conor Devlin RT @imgur: 'My friend's cat had surgery and now he has no pants.'
Conor Devlin RT @davidschneider: A reminder of what we can expect if we allow fracking. Here's what it did to the picturesque town of Isengard. https://…
Conor Devlin RT @itsDanBull: The word "either" is usually pronounced either "either" or "either". Either is correct.
Conor Devlin Planning on flying over to Chicago for a wee visit to 'Murica next year, anywhere else I NEED to fly to while I'm on the continent?
Conor Devlin @Uptomyknees @MeltdownComics going for the straight up supervillan look it seems
Conor Devlin Who sleeps lol
Conor Devlin @nicemovemumbles @RickHambrook anything else and you've failed them
Conor Devlin Hey I guess I'm awake now
Conor Devlin @itsDanBull People who just *CANNOT* use self-checkout lanes in supermarkets!
Conor Devlin Do I just delete Twitter off my phone till Sunday? I trust my feed to be spoiler free but in also v paranoid
Conor Devlin @Jam_sponge when's it looking to be out? I'm hankering for the conclusion
Conor Devlin @nicemovemumbles doesn't matter if you're clumsy if you're chosen with the LUCK OF THE GODS
Conor Devlin @nicemovemumbles I was too overly cautious as a child and now I'm a dumb reckless idiot so it's going to happen soon
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