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Alex Devine Caught a Scyther in the Philly art museum but #PokemonGO froze and didn't register... rip me ;_;
Alex Devine Going into philly
Alex Devine In Pennsylvania now c:
Alex Devine Been spending the past few days in San Francisco and Yosemite
Alex Devine You can't REEEE your way out of this one
Alex Devine Got this awesome drawing of me and some college friends as the #Marvel broship
Alex Devine *provacative tweet here* #EAPlay
Alex Devine @BDaedra You know me so well :^)
Alex Devine That's enough out of me tho, now onto shitposting and going REEEEEEEEE
Alex Devine Every election year, everyone's suddenly a political scientist tho
Alex Devine This is the kind of stuff you learn w/ a political science degree :^)
Alex Devine Everyone says they want a third party but don't vote for it at election time because they don't think it's viable
Alex Devine MEMES E M E S
Alex Devine Set the controls for the heart of the sun
Alex Devine Records and subwoofer (2/2)
Alex Devine Shitposters unite! :DDDDDD #Trump2016
Alex Devine I'm Bear Grylls except I don't drink piss on camera