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Urgh76 #NintendoAmerica Please retweet this cosplay of this very good #Toad ! #zenkaikon
Urgh76 @JMariye Heya, I really liked an article that you wrote about the gunvolt striker pack, and made a design for a spr…
Jamie @Lost_inthe_Void And yet I can eat a box of matchmakers, a burger, portion of chips, 8 chicken nuggets and half a p…
Jamie RT @TheDaiIyPuppy: There's space in the bath for all of us
Jamie RT @cambrian_era: "Female soldiers just aren't realistic," I explain, as a loot crate drops onto the beaches of Normandy and teaches me the…
Jamie RT @HiddenXperia: There is literally a challenge in WWII for watching people open supply drops... What the flying fuck…
Jamie @netitheyeti I'd say go with that or hunter then. Hunter iirc is a bit more fast paced to play, but you're gonna be…
Jamie @netitheyeti Tbh, I tried the Titan in the beta and it sucked for me, felt too...slow. I rocked Warlock which felt more fun.
Jamie @netitheyeti Warlock is your 'healer', Titan is your 'tank', hunter is your 'DPS'. The choice doesn't really matter too much though.
Jamie >Swap shift with co-worker. >Get call from work. >Co-worker can no longer cover shift. >MFW I'm the only one appare…
Jamie RT @EdmondTran: Daily mission in Call of Duty: WWII--"Watch people open loot crates." WELCOME TO VIDEO GAMES IN 2017.…
Jamie @AndyCMills Because fuck you, is why.
Jamie Game is fucking fun though.
Jamie So I stumbled into WolfenMetro and a Nazi performance of Thriller playing Wolfenstein 2.
Jamie @EeveeHearts Never, you can't make me! *Flees*
Jamie @EeveeHearts Wow, you disgust me. Carrot cake. What a terrible flavour!
Jamie RT @OverwatchTXT: 4 upsetting Overwatch images
Jamie RT @WriterRaven_: Streaming my #NaNoWriMo writing in about 20 minutes or so. Come say hi!
Jamie @Lost_inthe_Void If I donate extra, will you play Destiny 2?
Jamie RT @SovietWomble: Lulu was chilly after her bath, so I popped an old electric heater on. Now she's mesmerized. I think she's worshipping th…
Jamie RT @A_W_Gordon: There is a basketball player with the same name as me. This person is upset with me because of it.
Kiba Wolfen RT @TheEvilWithin: ICYMI - It's launch day! Follow us & RT for your chance to win a custom #TheEvilWithin2 Xbox One S! Official Rules: http…
Kiba Wolfen @Leon_the_Fox @CrystalTheWusky woah...what are those glasses? owo
Kiba Wolfen RT @bioware: To celebrate #WorldSpaceWeek, we're giving away a Tempest replica. RT to enter.
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @wolfenstein: Make America Nazi-Free Again. #NoMoreNazis #Wolf2
Kiba Wolfen @BeastSoulArtist Would buy a shirt of this in a second. Epic work really
Kiba Wolfen RT @IfusMoraine: 5K FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY! Follow me and RT this to enter~ There will be two winners :D~ Ends on October 15th! Thank you for yo…
Urgh76 #APA_COMM111B The way to format DOI has been updated recently and can be found here:
Urgh76 Maybe #NickLeonProblems can make a return. #NLprob more like. Tonight's is forgetting the tag you need to tweet to for a legitimate class.
Urgh76 Considering deleting a lot of previous things just because they're garbage, but we've all got that nasty trash of other years.
Urgh76 I never liked the format of Twitter, but I should make more of an effort to get used to it if I'm doing Mass Comm. Time to revamp things.
Micah RT @PhillyD: Last day to vote #DeFrancoShowForStreamys by RETWEETING THIS TWEET! We might be able to get this win but only if we have a las…
Kiba Wolfen RT @wolfenstein: We're keeping the #NationalComicBookDay celebrating going all week! Follow and RT for a chance to win Cover B of our new c…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @mrfeelswildride: so basically kemono friends was wildly successful cause an amateur director was allowed to do whatever and his reward…
Kiba Wolfen RT @wolfenstein: We're celebrating #NationalComicBookDay! Follow and RT for a chance to win the new Wolfenstein comic from @ComicsTitan. #W…
Micah RT @cocksailor: twitter loves it when i dunk on libertarians!
Micah I'm in the running to win a New 2DS thanks to Alpharad!
Micah RT @alpharadtv: On another note, if you already have a 3DS/2DS, enter this one! Giving away three copies of Miitopia!
Micah RT @alpharadtv: In honor of the Miitopia series, I'm giving away a New 2DS XL! Come check it out! Winner announced October 1st :D
Micah RT to vote 'The Philip DeFranco Show' for Show of the Year at the @Streamys! Every RT Counts! #DeFrancoShowForStreamys
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @DickKingSmith: Our younger brother is small and confusing but we love him.
Micah I'm not the only one who sees it, right?
Kiba Wolfen @AngriestPat You were waiting for someone to tell you that you were wrong about the flamethrower and behold it was…
Kiba Wolfen @AngriestPat I feel I have to share this with you, so you can shit on your own words