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Ray RT @realDenaldTrump: Cleveland will be such a disaster that I might get a NEGATIVE Convention bump! This I promise you! @realDonaldTrump ht…
Ray #2016in3words Fuck this shit.
Ray There are two serious candidates in this race, @HillaryClinton and @GovGaryJohnson. @realDonaldTrump is a carnival act. #2016election
Ray .@JusticeBlaze @foxnewspoll #FeeltheJohnson
Ray RT @NKingofDC: Ohio white voters: Trump, 43% Clinton, 33% Ohio black voters: Trump, 0% Clinton, 88% -- WSJ/NBC/Marist poll
Ray RT @NYPD19Pct: Yeah we know Charizard is rare but don't let Officer Monello & his new partner catch you! Don't #CatchEmAll & drive! https:/…
Ray RT @realDenaldTrump: Justice Ginsburg, who we believe is a woman (which is fine) & a Jew (which is fine), said bad things about me - resig…
Ray .@SenSanders endorses @HillaryClinton in New Hampshire. @HAGOODMANAUTHOR on suicide watch! #2016elections
Ray .@realDenaldTrump Kasich has less of a chance than Paul Ryan, who didn't even run! Sad!
Ray @oliverdarcy @kylegriffin1 He's gonna write in Jeb! and imagine what could've been.
Ray @realDenaldTrump @TheDestro1 He's a mess. Sad!
Ray @assbott Also, gotta say this, you're the best.
Ray Almost crashed my car trying to catch a Krabby #PokemonGO
Ray @assbott Fair enough.
Ray @assbott So, you're thinking something along the lines of Mint Julep?
Ray .@assbott Rum and coke or vodka tonic?
Ray .@trevacavana Just dump the chips on the ice-cream and dig in.
Francis @Auxiliary_Bro Tarot cards get me so hard
Francis Which Pirate Warriors do I get?
Francis @passthemstickss Still had some fun
Francis @Xzyliac David Lynch, Zach Snyder, Sam Lake, Todd Howard, Casey Hudson, Suda 51...
Francis #BetterShoesForPornstars
Francis RT @Xzyliac: I can't believe the Justice League Dark movie is called Silent Hills.
Francis Plan: Beat main quest, or at least get Dragonrend, then Dawnguard, then advance to Dragonborn DLC.
Francis @TheSilkiest Even if just campaign, worth $5
Francis Might get one of these Pirate Warriors games on the PSN sale. But which one?
Francis RT @Muddin4Jesus: Word up, bong mamas and kush daddies. Jesus "toke" on the sins of the world so you don't have to! Save that dank fire for…
Francis Lydia, Serana, and Esbern all following at the same time. Shit is crazy. Especially with Serana's zombies and my atronachs. #Skyrim
Francis RT @JonTheDuelist: The camera in Kingdom Hearts fights me more than the Heartless do.
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 I'm just letting you know about UK law. There's a lot of misinformation regards knives here.
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 ... You will be arrested and the knives seized. You'd be fine if you were camping, or had all stuff with though
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 depends on how it's carried. You can't walk around with those knives on you and say 'they're good for camping' ...
Insanum @freemind62 @april_marie you'll also be liable for arrest. Foldable under 3" that don't lock are ok, but you will be asked questions
Insanum @freemind62 @april_marie knives that dont fold are illegal. includes any size. If you carry a 2" blade that doesn't fold its a weapon per se
Insanum @frskull You're on Reddit - - Glad you're ok though. Some people are a danger when they get behind the wheel.
Insanum @NPASBirmingham would that effect the flying of the helicopter or is that mainly an issue for fixed-wings?
Insanum RT @GMPSalfordWest: We've kicked in a door in Worsley, got 72 cannabis plants, nobody home. Left a note. GMP, keeping you in the loop. ht…
Insanum RT @WYP_RPU: A powerful message
Insanum @Lost_inthe_Void apart from the 5 tweets that were like 'CHECK OUT THESE SHOOZ <link>' that I've deleted.