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Zachary C. Voiles RT @DavidRoads: I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
Zachary C. Voiles Thank you, random water bottle.
Zachary C. Voiles RT @saladinahmed: Baymax is less cute when your kids' half-deflated balloon floats silently around the house like a suicide's ghost. http:/…
Zachary C. Voiles RT @Disney: O-M-Goodness. It's #Zootopia As Told By Emoji!
Zachary C. Voiles @Piemations Is it too late to buy a commission? I just saw your tweets.
Zachary C. Voiles RT @PeanutButterGmr: NEW PBG VIDEO! It's a bit different this time. Hope you guys like it! -
Zachary C. Voiles RT @Piemations: if you have money to waste i opened commissions to pay off my stupid oculus rift purchase.... also because I'm bored https:…
Zachary C. Voiles RT @KimlinhTran: #kirbysDreamLandChallenge (viral shark media)
Zachary C. Voiles RT @TerryBlas: If you're sick of hearing about Pokemon Go for the past week let me tell you what hearing about sports is like for the past…
Zachary C. Voiles RT @PokemonGoNews: Have @TMobile ? Starting July 19th, you have free unlimited data while playing #PokemonGo! htt…
Zachary C. Voiles RT @PlayOverwatch: LEGACY: Ana never hesitates to take the shot...until a familiar face appears in her scope. | htt…
Zachary C. Voiles RT @ArmelloGame: Have you seen the Armello fan comic by @RosaryEdge? It's currently at 63 pages and counting!
Zachary C. Voiles RT @PlayOverwatch: Introducing Anaâ€"a battle-scarred agent who fights to protect those she loves. Learn more @ http…
Zachary C. Voiles @Aeyvern That means more to me than you know. Thank you.
Zachary C. Voiles @Aeyvern I know I haven't been around much lately and I'm not the most easy person to keep in your circles. Just know that I'm still here.
Zachary C. Voiles @Aeyvern Thank you for always being there for me. I hope your new job is everything you want it to be. #BestFriend