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Ryan Something @JaysFromCouch founder @DoyleJFtC spearheaded a pair of campaigns to help raise money for research against this ALS…
Ryan Something The #STLCards facilitated a trade with Oakland so that Stephen could be with his Mother as she battled the illness.…
Ryan Something Debated on the @LockedOnJays podcast if it would be Travis or Urena coming up to replace Diaz. Looks like Travis is…
Ryan Something This is what I tell myself every time I have to deal with the self-service checkouts at the grocery store.…
Ryan Something The Monday Musings installment of @LockedOnJays is here! Listen for my takes on the #BlueJays offensive woes in Tam…
Ryan Something This is the bullet I take for the good of Nova Scotia. #StanleyCup #Bruins #Lightning #GoBolts
Ryan Something Thank you, Tampa Bay. Sincerely, the entirety of the Nova Scotia population that isn't crazy about the Bruins. #StanleyCup
Ryan Something Ground ball ends the game! #BlueJays take the finale to get out of Florida with a 2-1 win. Estrada pitch six scorel…
Ryan Something One more out and Osuna is cranking 95 mph fastballs. Need to place it well against Gomez though, who tied the game…
Ryan Something I was gonna say go for the squeeze, but that works too! Wild pitch cashes Pillar and #BlueJays lead 2-1 in the 9th!
Ryan Something Well there goes that. Tepera's long ball problem strikes again and the Rays ties the #BlueJays at 1 on the Gomez gopher ball.
Ryan Something @therealstig4 Yeah and I wouldnt be surprised if they felt free enough to take some harder swings knowing that day…
Ryan Something Very impressed with Estrada's performance today. Looked like a return to form against the Rays. Pitch count got hig…
Ryan Something Just been a rough road trip for Diaz. First the slide into his wrist in Cleveland and now this. Really hope this is…
Ryan Something Estrada has been throwing well today but the #BlueJays still cant be happy with his current count. 50 pitches to ge…
Ryan Something Smoak back, Granderson could be available for pinch hit duties, the lineup card is looking better for the #BlueJays
Ryan Something And thus the #BlueJays fans rejoiced, for their fire, their Smoak, had returned.
Ryan Something What can you do? What can you bloody do?
Ryan Something Comeback complete. Now hold them and win this in overtime. #WeTheNorth
Ryan Something Toronto vs. Everybody...who is a referee. #WeTheNorth
Joseph Hendrik @Totalbiscuit Best of luck to you and here's hoping for a speedy, relatively painless recovery!
Joseph Hendrik RT @Totalbiscuit: No podcast today, at hospital doing pre-surgery prep stuff.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 Damn he's kinda creepy-looking.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 Take your time, man, gotta make it all perfect, right?
Joseph Hendrik @GeorgeTakei What a huge storm, hope Maine doesn't mind being drenched.
Joseph Hendrik Go @KNVB! #WorldCup Who are you supporting?
Joseph Hendrik Sign Up For a Free Bitcoin Wallet @ #tweet4btc #bitcoin #125D4CpBkPydk4giR5RwMKsUrmCq63uFZX
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 I haven't watched a single episode of it, and now I see I haven't missed much at all. That's a relief!
Joseph Hendrik @dantheshive What's the problem with that though? :P
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 He clearly is in love with his own voice.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 Sounds like awful background noise.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 What is your opinion on PDP?
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 You're a trooper for watching this guy even though his videos are crap and he doesn't have any worthwhile content at all, godspeed.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 Apparently he lives in his own world wherein he is the most hilarious human being ever.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 Who would ever want to do something only for the money? That is just a ridiculous notion.
Joseph Hendrik @NTom64 Why did they feel the need to continue it at all?
Joseph Hendrik @Linkara19 What's your favorite thing to get at Wendy's?
Joseph Hendrik @Linkara19 I hope your mood improves, you're one of my favorite folks from TGWTG!
JC175 24 years at midnight! let start it the right way #turnup
JC175 Momma always told me. If I don't have nothing nice to say don't say nothing at all! #mouthclosed #tru
JC175 3 Days till my bday
JC175 Last night Kansas City T.I
JC175 30 days till my bday
JC175 St. Patricks day
JC175 Just posted a photo