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shwnbob You know, most people wouldn't stick around in your living room UNINVITED while you take a shower, but not my neighbor. He's unique!
shwnbob Really annoying kid from my neighborhood is waiting downstairs for me... Ugh!
shwnbob It's time to either run the table, or go home empty.
shwnbob Watching American Dad episodes on Netflix... Now this is living.
shwnbob There's a storm a brewing... And I'm outside walking to the mall... I'll probably be fine...
shwnbob A sight for sore eyes to the blind would be quite majestic!
shwnbob Oh life, why you so depressing?
shwnbob I'm on a boat! I'm on the ferry boat! Wheeeeee!
shwnbob RT @AlicornsHeart: Never compare your faults with other peoples. Know yourself first and know that ourselves are different from others. #br…
shwnbob Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaan anybodyyyyyyyyyyy fiiiiiiiiinnnnnnd meeeeeee somebody to looooooooove?
shwnbob Been playing Mario Kart 8 for the past 8 hours. These hand cramps are ridiculous! #worthit
shwnbob I thought I heard the old man say; "leave her, Shawny, leave her. Oh, tomorrow we will get our pay, and it's time for us to leave her."
shwnbob I'm in the city, y'all!
shwnbob RT @Toccararx: "Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear." - Bon Jovi
shwnbob I gots to wake up tomorrow at 5:30am... Yaaaaay!
shwnbob Going from a date with a lady friend to a barbecue with my best friends. Isn't life in Staten Island grand?
shwnbob I'm getting better at driving. When the roads were all flooded yesterday because of the rain, I only had three panic attacks as I drove! :)
shwnbob Fat bottomed girls YOU MAKE THE ROCKIN' WORLD GO ROOOOOOOOUND. #Supermitchman
shwnbob "Are you telling me the Hampton is not the same thing as the Hilton? Da f*ck?"