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Jamie Ramscar RT @1fivefive: I mentioned Second Sight earlier. This is the story of that game. It was bloody brilliant.
Jamie Ramscar It's like my whole time at university was just written off. Thinking about it just makes me sad even though my time there was incredible.
Jamie Ramscar I can't wait to write this year off. I don't think I could've fucked it up worse.
Jamie Ramscar You're still the only thing on my mind each day. I can't even ignore it and it's driving me insane.
Jamie Ramscar Great song :D @theyordles #blamethejungler
Jamie Ramscar Lies followed by lies. I wouldn't mind but there's no need to actually lie!
Jamie Ramscar Leaving Derby today. Wished the past few weeks had been happier. You get what you give, I suppose.
Jamie Ramscar RT @mikeBithell: genuinely, completely and utterly, if you didn't vote, fuck you.
Jamie Ramscar Maybe I'm just tired, but I wish I didn't have so many regrets.
Jamie Ramscar Now it just feels like it's all too late. I can't go back and fix everything that went wrong and I feel there's no way to mend it now.
Jamie Ramscar I hurt people close to me and generally closed myself off to everyone, only thinking of myself.
Jamie Ramscar I feel like I've grown as a person but I've also come to realise how selfish and arrogant I was over those years.
Jamie Ramscar Each time I try to go to sleep I keep reflecting on certain parts of the past 3 years.
Jamie Ramscar I've been trying to sleep for the past 4 hours.
Jamie Ramscar Woke up and saw three depressing things in the "best friends" section of facebook. Probably not going to be a great day.
Jamie Ramscar I only have one picture of Max on my PC. That's a horrible shame.
Jamie Ramscar RIP max. Can't imagine home without you.
Jamie Ramscar Everythings changing....
Jamie Ramscar Not really much of a Birthday. Spent the afternoon asleep and made plans for tomorrow. #grownup