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Emilee @LunaKayne @kizletwiggle And when I'm scared I can curl up and people will leave me alone
Emilee @agnesbookbinder Ahhhhhhhh a hoggy
Emilee @BagginsSuperCat I'll be the big spoon!
Emilee @RatRace123 FLOPPY BUNS
Emilee @SStar_Queen Ahhhhhh so cute!! â¤â¤
Emilee @FamoFunk Awwww he's a lil cutie too, wook at his widdle nose!
Emilee @Fyremancer I wanna kiss his beans
Emilee @hellokassanova OMG they're beautiful
Emilee @imquitegood I'm glad you know not to do that. Stay strong x
Emilee Really really down. Please send cute animals
Emilee THIS x 1783u4949393
Emilee Mood has taken a gigantic dive, anxiety and jealousy really kicking in.
Vault101 @Xero @nzherald DON'T LIE TO ME DAMMIT
Vault101 @joshgnosis he means religious freedoms
Vault101 @joshgnosis emphasizing "sweet blonde" makes it all the more worse
Alexander Macris @AmoraBunny I bet you're right that this was the concept.
Alexander Macris History is a Möbius strip. If think it has a "wrong side" you just haven't looked far enough ahead or behind. #RightSideofHistory
Alexander Macris It's not a swastika. But it would be if Donald Trump used it!
Alexander Macris RT @antipcnyuprof: Just wanted to add that it's NYU Milo refers to as a "zero," not me.
Alexander Macris That's impossible! He said history was over.
Alexander Macris RT @sean_spicier: To be honest, we knew all along the Russian lawyer didn't have dirt on Hillary. The fact that he was still breathing was…
Alexander Macris RT @sean_spicier: NK's missile range includes pretty much the entire west coast. That would be awful, but it would assure our re-election.…
Alexander Macris RT @RealJamesWoods: Quite simply the best headline in history... #DouchebagDeblasio
Alexander Macris Who is currently winning the #culturewar?
Alexander Macris RT @CasualFennec: Germany: 1938: Hang the right black and red flag in ur window & youre safe 2017: Hang the right black and red flag in ur…
Alexander Macris RT @DegenRolf: Low IQ in childhood largely prevented creative achievements in middle-age, but high IQ did little to foster them. https://t…
Alexander Macris When Ayn Rand warned of the "looters and moochers" of collectivism, this was what she foresaw. #ItsHappening
Alexander Macris RT @gogreen18: lolwut? according to vogue, females are now "non-prostate owners"
Alexander Macris @antipcnyuprof @SRCHicks Sounds great! Amazon link please so I can buy it.
Alexander Macris RT @JonHaidt: An interesting analysis of what the social sciences could be, a narrative guiding our culture, from @safeortrue…
Alexander Macris RT @DonaldJTrumpJr: Obviously peaceful protestors!!!
Alexander Macris @CassandraRules So are the glossary entries. Hilarious.
Alexander Macris Do you suffer from anxiety, depression, & stress? Try my new Mind-Body Unawareness Course - You'll never feel down (or anything) ever again.
Alexander Macris It's interesting that a lot of people who hate me for personal reasons seem also to hate everyone who shares my politics. Almost as if...nah
Alexander Macris RT @julierehmeyer: Amazing to see an article in a British publication. Thanks, @TheBristolCable. Things are changing!…
Vault101 @Obscurus_Lupa I'm not a fan b/c I find Klingon's unconvincing as a fictional culture
Vault101 @PhoenixUndone @KrangTNelson @phranqueigh "Blood Zero Sky". YA novel where that's taken to logical extreme, it's.....alright as a novel
Vault101 @thelindsayellis Maybe he's Jealous you've evolved as a content creator and he hasn't
Vault101 @mikalvision @yesthisisnana @thelindsayellis I've heard a lot of criticisms about CA but I always thought Lindsay and doug were on ok terms
Vault101 @thelindsayellis his movie "criticism" has always been kinda shallow
Vault101 @thelindsayellis "needlessly hostile"?....oh honey
Vault101 @SJWMEGATRON @the_moviebob I'd like to think so too but I have my doubts