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Scott @TheEscapistMag Warcraft and Peace #greatgamelit
Scott @TheEscapistMag The Hardy Boys:Mystery at silent Hill #greatgamelit
Scott @TheEscapistMag Indiana Jones:And the Quest for the Golden Sun #greatgamelit
Scott Who is the main character in SEGA's upcoming videogame Alpha Protocol? #spytryouts
Scott sigh, time to go home, time flys when talking with friends. unproductivity FTW
Scott yawn, i need to get my work Schedule for this week.
Scott I hate Quitters on TvC. GIVE ME MY POINTS LOOSER!
Scott #AVPbattle #esc this is getting intense. but Close Range of Long Distance i wont loose! lets go Marines!
Scott New Super SF4 will have so happy. As for Dudley, i just hope he still has his CROSS COUNTER!
Scott #AVPbattle #esc planet BG-386
Scott After playing TvC i really want to watch Tekkaman:The Space Knight, Tekkaman Blade, and Neohuman Casshan.
Scott #AVPbattle #esc HA! Were on the rebound! Alright Marines, stand your ground!
Scott #AVPbattle #esc AGH! We cant let them break through! Hold them off men! For Earth!
Scott yawn, working is hard work.
Scott #AVPbattle #esc 2007
Scott @TheEscapistMag I am! sigh, the Escapist is keeping me bust till i go back to work :3
Scott #AVPbattle #esc Ha ha my first battle of the day! Lets make this one Count boys!
Scott #AVPbattle #esc Rebellion Developments
Scott #AVPbattle #esc GAH! I need more ammo STAT!! Lets go men, take the fight to them!