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Graham Stark @JacobGGoodman Bumblebees, not honey bees.
Graham Stark Update: Bees removed. Fun fact! This was a particularly large colony of bumblebees (around 100 of them), and they…
Graham Stark @Ashiok_N_Beaver High volume, low power. Traps them but doesn’t hurt them.
Graham Stark @DeathKoala1 Naw these were friendly bumbles
Graham Stark Turns out it was one absolute unit of bees. Size of these lasses.
Graham Stark There’s a man in the Moonbase bathroom with a vacuum and protective suit.
Graham Stark @Richard41102452 Oh, Quebec doesn’t like the French
Graham Stark @Hero31211 Haven’t seen it yet.
Graham Stark @bmkibler @magicprotour There’s nothing in the rules that says a dog can’t play Magic
Graham Stark @CleverCrumbish @WakeUpSuper “Guys we NEED to stop him before he gets to 8 manaâ€"oh well we muffed it”
Graham Stark Oh right I shot a “morning coffee making” montage that was supposed to open that random Wednesday vlog, but I forgo…
Graham Stark @Les4233 @BenHUlmer I truly don’t know. Please don’t tell me.
Graham Stark @ComradeMik Hi! TBH, I welcome people to @ me all the time, even with criticism. But in the case your message, thank you!!
Graham Stark @TreeVor7 Right???!? (to note: still am not spoiled, have not seen it)
Graham Stark @ParagonRocky I assumed that was the case
Graham Stark @NewtonsNinja Well, again, if you’re not gonna draft and are going to spend your 1000G on a booster ANYWAY, then it…
Matt_LRR I am having A MONDAY ಠ_ಠ
Matt_LRR @colacerise how much did this one cost all in?
Matt_LRR @colacerise how do I custom a besta
Matt_LRR @aeric90 I'm watching it for the first time now, but it's pretty good
Matt_LRR @colacerise Where did you get this and what is it
Matt_LRR @MiaSteinberg @Graham_LRR I *LOL'd* at that scene
Matt_LRR Nobody told me there were so many good dogs in Yuri! On Ice
Matt_LRR @DandyGeek I'm holding out for another 10-15 lbs before I start re-buying my entire wardrobe, but I'm looking forward to it
Matt_LRR @DandyGeek lol, no arguments here - I liked it 10 years ago, I wouldn't wear it today.
Matt_LRR @Graham_LRR Like, the suit was boxy, being cut in, like 2005, but cut a cm or so of body fat off the shoulders and it gets silly
Matt_LRR RT @Inkfacefahz: @Matt_LRR You look like what the lead of a Richie rich stage play would wear
Matt_LRR @Searlefm @geo_megs In about -15lbs
Matt_LRR @geo_megs Even the slim-fitting grey suit I had is, like, comically to large now. It used to be borderline too tight
Matt_LRR @geo_megs It's like a tent.
Matt_LRR LOL. This jacket fit me well, once upon a time.
Matt_LRR RT @FanSince09: This is and shall always be a meme
Matt_LRR @katestark @Graham_LRR Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wild Wi…
Jeremy Petter I seem to be on a ferry with a bunch of Mariners ... but not the Mariners one usually finds on ferries. "Capital M" Mariners.
Jeremy Petter @martini0625 Well, sometimes you get the players; sometimes the players get you ;).
Jeremy Petter @FreeSol9900 @loadingreadyrun @MikeLLunsford @Graham_LRR That’s never gonna stop haunting me, is it?
Jeremy Petter I can't help but feel Darwin would have convinced more people if his notes weren't in Comic Sans
Jeremy Petter Just discovered that Swift actually DOES have a Set data type. Joy and elation abounds!
Jeremy Petter @martini0625 I love puzzles where the answer A-logical and B-sitting in plain sight. they can be surprisingly difficult ;)
Jeremy Petter @martini0625 That was actually my intended path: that they could have gotten to the Oracle much earlier.
Jeremy Petter @martini0625 The intent was Ignanâ€"it seems the appropriate “sacred” language for Pele’s followers.