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Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: We need more shows to subvert the evil queen trope. Where older women are a valued elders, not a threat or competition. …
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Also this episode about Amy's moms trying to relive her youth has a lot of sexist/ageist tropes. The whole evil queen th…
Blow_Pop are. But we need to stop using it in horror movies and in tv shows. Actually in all movies. @fangirlJeanne
Blow_Pop It needs to die. I mean not that there aren't girls who are mean and spiteful because they're pretty or rich because there + @fangirlJeanne
Blow_Pop So, I'm tired of the whole she's rich and pretty so she's automatically villainized for it just because of that trope. + @fangirlJeanne
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Yes. Buffy is regularly punished for having sex. Throughout the whole series. #MyBuffyRewatch
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Cordy is the sexual object boys like Xander want, but also do not respect as human beings. It shows in how he treats her…
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Yep. It's a longstanding trope of the horror genre too. #MyBuffyRewatch
Blow_Pop So I'm almost half through Whispers of Shadow & Flame. And you guys. IT'S SO GOOOD!!!!!!! @leslyepenelope
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Exactly. Only the right kind of girls can be heroes. Which isn't in the least bit feminist. #MyBuffyRewatch https://t.…
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Women can be villains, but note how feminine sexually active girls are viewed in contrast to Strong Female Characters. #…
Blow_Pop RT @fangirlJeanne: Interesting how often feminine girls like Cordy are the "mean girls" who are slut shamed in Strong Female Character stor…
Blow_Pop @fangirlJeanne I always hated cordy's character because of that. Now I just hate Whedon for writing the character that way
Blow_Pop @rebekahwsm try to kill it back. just don't let it kill you. You're too awesome to let it do so.
Blow_Pop RT @Gadgette: This new web series looks at the "girl gamer" label and how women feel about it…
Blow_Pop I'm at Mount Doom in Moreno Valley, CA
Blow_Pop RT @ZerlinaMaxwell: Congrats to @Simone_Biles and @gabrielledoug who got GOLD and SILVER at Worlds. #BlackGirlsAreMagic
Tom Endo RT @DearAnyone: Someone should do a sitcom that's not Seinfeld but uses all the clothes from Seinfeld.
Tom Endo RT @robdelaney: .@GovernorPerry While you & I may differ on abortion, I think we can both agree that it's #wrong for women to enjoy sex. #t…
Tom Endo RT @Cat_Marnell: If Anthony wieners wife isn't secretly sleeping with women I'm not sure who is
Tom Endo RT @robdelaney: When people say their favorite show is The Wire, they mean their favorite show other than Chicago Hope, right?
Tom Endo RT @robdelaney: Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis would have turned 84 today, had she not perished in Hurricane Katrina.
Tom Endo RT @robdelaney: .@GovernorPerry Found a pic of us from last summer on Ibiza!
Tom Endo RT @markmacd: If you're old enough, this Atari 2600 tech demo will blow your mind...otherwise it'll look like dogshit…
Tom Endo RT @robdelaney: Just saw a bunch of squirrels attack a toddler. #blessed
Tom Endo RT @GaryJanetti: The only difference between a gay beach and a straight beach is ten thousand pounds.
Tom Endo RT @robdelaney: Steve Jobs' entire legacy is invalidated by the shortness of the iPhone charger's cord.
Tom Endo Haven't been this giddy over a song since I was a school girl. #chvrches #gun
Tom Endo @jmariephotog really the question is how probable. And the answer is very.
Tom Endo @theotheriman because when you achieve perfection you stay with it.
Tom Endo RT @Cat_Marnell: Disney princesses turned into gun and knife-wielding robbers by Herr. Nilsson, street artist via @D…
Tom Endo RT @GaryJanetti: While we're at it we should also give unborn fetuses the right to vote.
Tom Endo Holy fucking Holy Motors #netflixstreaminggem
Tom Endo The states' rights trend is turning this country into a collection of ideological enclaves that undermine the notion of "one nation"