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Graham Super Mario Maker is a celebration of Wii U's biggest failure
Graham @x_DarthJader Sometimes we are all the tired puppy.
Graham @the_moviebob I've been wary in the past of supporting Patreons but I would back yours in a second.
Hippobatman RT @stillgray: Presenting this tweet without comment. #StopGamerGate2014
Hippobatman @RobWritesPulp 1) Star Tropics 2) Donkey Kong Country 3) Commander Keen 4
Graham @x_DarthJader Get it gurl
Hippobatman @OnyxOblivion I know. Would've been cool to have the rivalry between the great houses back in some form, though.
Hippobatman @OnyxOblivion Hlaalu, guys. Crassius Curio <3
Hippobatman RT @JWonggg: I saved Marvel!
Hippobatman RT @qikipedia: In Norwegian, pålegg is 'anything that could conceivably be put in a sandwich'.
Hippobatman So construction workers cut the entire building's power. Not coming back for another 3,5 hours. This kinda sucks, to be honest.
Hippobatman @OnyxOblivion I hate charge characters, but Decapre looks really interesting. Good job, Capcom.
Graham @jadetandrade Jones 2nd 4 Lyfe.
Hippobatman RT @BossDungeon: Public Service Announcement: You can get Dungeon Keeper (Classic) for FREE right now
Hippobatman RT @TSBible: Liverpool's tactics vs Man Utd's tactics
Hippobatman RT @_Sargoth_: NLG Mini Marathon #5 Day 2 going live with special guest Bangerra! Tune in for Retro gaming and speedruns…
Hippobatman @MisterRez Like, consistently bad capture rate? I don't think they've changed the catch formula, but I could be wrong.
Hippobatman @MisterRez Yep. Been that way since Black/White, I think.
Hippobatman @OnyxOblivion Day 1 without nicotine. I've killed three men.
Hippobatman @MisterRez Watch where you're shaking that walking stick there, gramps :D
Hippobatman A cup of tea, heavy metal music and Hearthstone arena. This evening is quite good. Quite good, indeed.
Hippobatman Finally got a Hearthstone beta key. Turned on desktop to download. Desktop won't work. Just my luck. #TheStruggleIsReal
Hippobatman @MisterRez I work part time at a grocery store. I realize now that I should have paid for the cash register.
Graham @ShadowTodd I'm familiar with the song somehow but had no idea it was supposed to be hair metal.
Graham @ShadowTodd There is, and it's called the Department of Defense.
Graham @BenKuchera I guessed it, thanks to watching @EC_DanielFloyd religiously.
AugustFall RT @leaguelottery: Start earning your tickets now at! Our first jackpot will have 2 winners, (1) 25$ RP... http://t…
AugustFall feelin' lucky #LeagueLottery
Graham @the_moviebob Dunno if you've seen this: Your tweets got me to start watching it on netflix and I am so glad I did.
AugustFall @TSMTheOddOne What about an item that scales off of killing neutral creeps?
AugustFall @CLGAphromoo You like nerdy rap? Check out this:
Graham @TheSpoonyOne You forget, Spoony, that you are dealing with FF fanboys here. There is no rational thought to be found there.
Graham @TheSpoonyOne Yep. Only one so far I remember. Loved that game.
Graham @the_moviebob Will TGO be moving to The Escapist? I always thought it would be a natural fit there.
Nicole @thephranchize @thezeldaman lol, snow topped hills? Hilarious!
Nicole @thezeldaman @thephranchize I do enjoy sugar! Tits... Less so. XD
Nicole @thephranchize @thezeldaman I'm so jealous right now, its not a #threeway without #meway!
Nicole @HXboxreviews @thephranchize We ALL were... he's like a filth drug. @thephranchize- NOT EVEN ONCE.
Nicole @GracieMcSharry I was going to say "My name is Inigo Montoya- you killed my father, prepare to die!" Then I realised that's Princess BRIDE..
Nicole @thephranchize @HXboxreviews pah.... filth he says! ... Filth is how I START my day...