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Vault101 @Xero @nzherald DON'T LIE TO ME DAMMIT
Vault101 @joshgnosis he means religious freedoms
Vault101 @joshgnosis emphasizing "sweet blonde" makes it all the more worse
Vault101 @Obscurus_Lupa I'm not a fan b/c I find Klingon's unconvincing as a fictional culture
Vault101 @PhoenixUndone @KrangTNelson @phranqueigh "Blood Zero Sky". YA novel where that's taken to logical extreme, it's.....alright as a novel
Vault101 @thelindsayellis Maybe he's Jealous you've evolved as a content creator and he hasn't
Vault101 @mikalvision @yesthisisnana @thelindsayellis I've heard a lot of criticisms about CA but I always thought Lindsay and doug were on ok terms
Vault101 @thelindsayellis his movie "criticism" has always been kinda shallow
Hazy992 Retweet this far and wide. Same old Tories, only looking out for the 1%
Hazy992 RT @SWXLindsayJoy: We've reached peak Craigslist in Spokane...
Hazy992 RT @TechnicallyRon: "Paul why are our energy bills so high this month?" "SHUTUP MUM I WAS TRIGGERING ALL THE LEFTIES ON THE INTERNET" https…
Hazy992 @mitchellvii They wouldn't because it's not negotiable you fucking idiot. What does half-assing solutions to climate change accomplish?
Hazy992 RT @ohgoddickie: thank you Marsha #pride2017
Hazy992 #WeakAndWobbly #WheresTheresa
Hazy992 "Oh I'm disappointed" Jesus Theresa don't strain yourself
Hazy992 So when can we expect your statement condemning the US from withdrawing from the Paris Accord?
Hazy992 Well we had a good run didn't we? Evil fucking bastards #ParisClimateAgreement
Hazy992 RT @OwenJones84: Seriously, this is getting beyond being weak and scared. It's getting... weird.
Hazy992 @LaurakBuzz OMFG... How can Nintendo look at this and not be embarrassed? My PS4 headset has one cable that plugs s…
Hazy992 @piersmorgan What about Jeremy Clarkson?
Hazy992 RT @SunApology: If you're going to ridicule Diane Abbott for her comments in 1988, perhaps you need a reminder of what your paper was print…
Hazy992 I didn't think it was even possible to be this vague
Hazy992 RT @fanfiction_txt: Sonic himself had the words "insert coin in slot" tattooed slightly above his ass crack
Hazy992 >Rustlers >Gourmet
Hazy992 Theresa May: Imma call a general election Jeremy Corbyn: Come debate me May: Lol why you so focused on the election?
Hazy992 RT @jeremycorbyn: .@Theresa_May come & debate me. Any time. Any place. Britain deserves to see the only two people who could be the next Pr…
Vault101 @thelindsayellis "needlessly hostile"?....oh honey
Vault101 @SJWMEGATRON @the_moviebob I'd like to think so too but I have my doubts
FPLOON #StarWarsTaughtMe One of the great music genres of the galaxy is none other than Jizz! @midnight
FPLOON The Fyre Festival was like the DashCon of music festivals for rich people... If only they had a ball pit to compensate for the main event...
FPLOON It's time to switch up the console game with a Nintendo Switch giveaway! Just enter here: "" Thanks, @TheEscapistMag!
FPLOON Me: Does #Riverdale have secrets or sinners? Riverdale: "Both... I have layers..." Me: #WhatTheHellRiverdale I almost bust a gut with that!
Vault101 @ChuckWendig @tauriqmoosa onl th just started but it feels more natural, my ryder has a personality
FPLOON The "better-late-than-more-late" unboxing of the Take Your Heart Premium Edition of Persona 5...
FPLOON Clerks 2 Broke For Another Big Budget Sequel To A Cult Classic #BudgetMovies @midnight #latenighttweet
Vault101 @JeremyMcLellan "main problem"? this articles composition is 99.7% "problem"
Vault101 @Victbarraz @thelindsayellis I would wager an antagonism on the part of the feminist YouTube is perceived by the angry man veiwer
FPLOON Retweeted Studio Saizensen (@saizensen_EN): It's Studio Saizensen Week! Deep discounts, up to 70% on Steam, as...
FPLOON RT @saizensen_EN: It's Studio Saizensen Week! Deep discounts, up to 70% on Steam, as well as Stream Events and a Giveaway! Learn more: http…
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FPLOON Speed 2: Over Dose #DrugMovies @midnight
FPLOON Morgan saw through Richard's genjutsu and made him pay the iron price... Then, Carol begins to pull a John Wick. #TheWalkingDead #FreshBuzz
Vault101 @joshgnosis I never noticed how much he looks like an egg
Vault101 @the_moviebob Thought you might appreciate this
FPLOON Carson Who #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON Kremlin Show on CC #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON The New Presidential Apprentice #PresidentialTVShows @midnight
FPLOON The Guardians of Cornholio: The Bunghole #OneWordOffBooks @midnight