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Carly Smith @JonBolds excellent priorities
Carly Smith Wow. This sucks. Looks like the standard big company exploiting things to screw over little companies
Carly Smith RT @womenoncomics: Surface Tensions: Character vs. Creator Diversity
Carly Smith How unoriginal. Please, as if this is the first or last time I'll receive this.
Carly Smith Cool, somebody anonymously sent me 5 messages of sexist, racist crap on tumblr in the middle of the night.
Carly Smith @tinyantennas cuuuuuuuuuuuuute
Carly Smith RT @Polygon: Splatoon's August update bringing new weapons, modes and gear for free
Carly Smith @velocciraptor Nah, just awkward.
Carly Smith @velocciraptor It doubly sucks because I run into this person on and offline since we both cosplay from the same series :/
Carly Smith Sometimes niche hobbies suck when they mean you'll run into people you no longer want to see.
Carly Smith RT @RossalynWarren: 4chan set up a fake feminist event to scam women for money my post for @BuzzFeedNews…
Carly Smith @marshallhonorof I love the character writing. The busywork quests definitely need to be reworked to be interesting, though.
Carly Smith RT @JimZub: So, note to self: Challenge yourself, branch out, but don't ignore that little voice warning you when it's a bad fit.
Carly Smith RT @phoenixperry: The @CodeLiberation needs teachers! You can join an awesome community just as we go 501c3 and get legit!
Carly Smith If I owe you an email/reply, you will have it by tomorrow!
Carly Smith p.s. read Murakami
Carly Smith Everyone who came to our panel, thank you!!! I hope you enjoyed it and watch/rewatch more Ikuhara anime!