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Sam Broderick I wonder if @RyanTheTwit would appreciate my Mad King cosplay at MCM London?!
Sam Broderick 2 hours spent in @VodafoneUK and they told me to go online to talk to someone. What's the point of a retail shop then?
Sam Broderick 9 ppl waiting, 1 serving and 1 making tea through the staff door. Get your priorities straight @VodafoneUK! I thought you were number 1?
Sam Broderick @miracleofsound I would say Little Sister maybe cause of the remaster but my heart wants Wasteland Soul :P
Sam Broderick #CellGames
Sam Broderick @marksandspencer Mouldy Blackberries and only bought them yesterday. I'm disappointed M&S. I expected better.
Sam Broderick RT @PokeVisionGo: We're doing a giveaway of 5x $25 gift cards + 3x Anker PowerCore+ Charger! To enter: https://t.…
Sam Broderick @PlayOverwatch I feel this OW song deserves a place on the launcher for it's originality and general awesomeness
Sam Broderick @SkyHelpTeam I have sent you a direct message with a description of the issue (sorry, it's a long message)
Sam Broderick Good job @SkyUK. New homeowner signing up and you cancel my account 2 days before it goes live with no notice. Thanks for that
Sam Broderick If Meg is going to be at MCM London in May. Does that mean @GavinFree will be too??
Sam Broderick OMG OMG @bobbyllew is going to be at GCCC in Aberdeen in April. I think I might explode!!!! #spinmynipplenutts
Sam Broderick Getting a 3D printed new Capaldi Sonic! Here's an in-progress one from the seller. So excited for mine! #DoctorWho
Sam Broderick Finally bought AC:Black Flag now that it's on sale. Gonna be playing a bit of MoS; Beneath the Black Flag through most of it!
Sam Broderick Beauty Bleak and Wasteland Soul references in new @miracleofsound Fallout song! Glorious!
Sam Broderick @DanRitchie1991 @JackandCalumon Well CEX will easily beat GAMEs £0 :p
Sam Broderick Apparently @GAMEdigital don't accept the previous gen consoles to trade in anymore. What about people who upgrade? Taking it to @Cex now
Sam Broderick RT @SpiffSinister: Follow and RT to enter: Giving away *8000* gems to 1 lucky winner, ends this Saturday.
Sam Broderick I'm now ranked Experienced (top 60%) in Fallout 4 on Raptr!
The_root_of_all_evil From @steam_games: Save 75% on Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!⢠on Steam
The_root_of_all_evil @GreyTheTick And the counter is "All game characters are pod people with implied characteristics"
The_root_of_all_evil @GreyTheTick Admittedly, those are player created backstory based on how they interpret her - rather than actions. That's same for all PCs
The_root_of_all_evil @GreyTheTick It's not just about how she acts, it's where she acts from that's major difference, tho that also comes from sexuality, creed..
The_root_of_all_evil This week: 43 hours work + 5 hours break + 14 hours travel. 8 hours less than I was supposed to do. Doing well for 25 hour contract.
The_root_of_all_evil @amytweetedthis I always look for the slow drying line of spittle down to the seat.
The_root_of_all_evil @VagPillager The thing is... both of you are right. It's awesomely immature.
The_root_of_all_evil @FamoFunk Every little helps ?!
The_root_of_all_evil Re: 'Little Mix'(?) at Primark; I thought we'd agreed that the sexualisation of children was a bad thing? I think we all got that memo.
The_root_of_all_evil @amytweetedthis You could celebrate Vagember. I'll leave that penny to drop.
The_root_of_all_evil @amytweetedthis Midlands is wonderful. It's full of all the people who used to have jobs until London took them.:)
The_root_of_all_evil Awful RT @stephencgrant Louis Walsh says 'International Recording Artist' so often he'll have to start using the acronym. #xfactor
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion I had just came from playing Uncharted to playing that though, so I might just be comparing it to Uncharted.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion Sound ideas, but sloppy execution. That's my opinion.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion "Fuck that fucking shit! Fuck those fucking guys, shit them up, motherfucker! Bastards, fuck you!" All the dialogue
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH The gold man, the gold. It just makes it aesthetically pleasing to the head. And Hengsha is just a stunner.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion Okay, that one is the most evil one ever. Kane and Lynch was a fucking atrocious game.
Jack and Calumon I mean, it was 4 years ago. We've had other beautiful games come out now. Uncharted 3, Crysis 2, Deus Ex, RAGE.
Jack and Calumon With the news that MGS4 is getting trophies, I'm now wondering about whether it's still the game with the best graphics ever l remember.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion I imagine one could work with someone on that now and just boost their way there.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion Wait, holy shit, what you just said is actually news. Oh God+ yes, oh dear god yes. Give me another reason to play it Kojima!
Jack and Calumon @JimSterling Oh my god, I'm having flashbacks about that advert. The knocking, the annoying voice, the layering sounds... I am worse off now
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion Eh, Kojima wouldn't ask us to get the stupid hard to get ones. He didn't in the HD collection.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion The only other answer was motorstorm.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH This leads to the questions of "What detail was it set to?" and "How good is your laptop?"
Jack and Calumon @TrueAntitonic I know, I'm joking. :p But I am disappointed as I did play Max Payne 1 + 2 on PC.
Jack and Calumon Well... back to being a console scrub for me. I've hit my wall.
Jack and Calumon My computer isn't bad. I can play Alan Wake on max detail and get a nice amount of fps, but Rockstar games on PC... damn.