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Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @wolfenstein: Make America Nazi-Free Again. #NoMoreNazis #Wolf2
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @mrfeelswildride: so basically kemono friends was wildly successful cause an amateur director was allowed to do whatever and his reward…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @DickKingSmith: Our younger brother is small and confusing but we love him.
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @dog_rates: Here is a puppo with a paw print on her nose. 13/10 would boop/high five
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @ricksteeezy: another fun fact: here is daisaku kuze's VA/actor from Yakuza 0 getting slapped by a monkey
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @matthaig1: Male suicide is the biggest killer of men under 50. It is preventable. Let's not man up. Let's find true strength instead. L…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @dodo: When this seal met a diver, he fell in LOVE â¤ï¸ (via @caters_news)
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers Hey @AngriestPat, did you see the newest Solidus compilation?
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @jonnohopkins: The world is going to hell. You owe it to yourself to watch this video of Irish people attempting to get a bat out of the…
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @SavinTheBees: Vegan: I'm vegan Logic: I'm biracial Me: drink water Danny Rand: im the iron fist
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @discotekmedia: Here's our trailer for Hells! Coming soon with a dub with @teamfourstar!
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @BenHickling: Kinda lost interest towards the end, so gonna post this as is #Splatoon2 #marina
Radoh Shadowstep Staiers RT @muuten_: ã,¹ã-ã©ãã,¥ã¼ã³2発売è¨å¿µã©ã,¯ã,¬ã,­ã€, 極é"ã®å¦»ã£ã½ããã,¿ã«ã¡ã,ã," #Splatoon2
Sam Broderick I wonder if @RyanTheTwit would appreciate my Mad King cosplay at MCM London?!
Sam Broderick 2 hours spent in @VodafoneUK and they told me to go online to talk to someone. What's the point of a retail shop then?
Sam Broderick 9 ppl waiting, 1 serving and 1 making tea through the staff door. Get your priorities straight @VodafoneUK! I thought you were number 1?
Sam Broderick @miracleofsound I would say Little Sister maybe cause of the remaster but my heart wants Wasteland Soul :P
Sam Broderick #CellGames
Sam Broderick @marksandspencer Mouldy Blackberries and only bought them yesterday. I'm disappointed M&S. I expected better.
Sam Broderick RT @PokeVisionGo: We're doing a giveaway of 5x $25 gift cards + 3x Anker PowerCore+ Charger! To enter: https://t.…
Sam Broderick @PlayOverwatch I feel this OW song deserves a place on the launcher for it's originality and general awesomeness
Sam Broderick @SkyHelpTeam I have sent you a direct message with a description of the issue (sorry, it's a long message)
Sam Broderick Good job @SkyUK. New homeowner signing up and you cancel my account 2 days before it goes live with no notice. Thanks for that
Sam Broderick If Meg is going to be at MCM London in May. Does that mean @GavinFree will be too??
Sam Broderick OMG OMG @bobbyllew is going to be at GCCC in Aberdeen in April. I think I might explode!!!! #spinmynipplenutts
Sam Broderick Getting a 3D printed new Capaldi Sonic! Here's an in-progress one from the seller. So excited for mine! #DoctorWho
Sam Broderick Finally bought AC:Black Flag now that it's on sale. Gonna be playing a bit of MoS; Beneath the Black Flag through most of it!
Sam Broderick Beauty Bleak and Wasteland Soul references in new @miracleofsound Fallout song! Glorious!
Sam Broderick @DanRitchie1991 @JackandCalumon Well CEX will easily beat GAMEs £0 :p
Sam Broderick Apparently @GAMEdigital don't accept the previous gen consoles to trade in anymore. What about people who upgrade? Taking it to @Cex now
Sam Broderick RT @SpiffSinister: Follow and RT to enter: Giving away *8000* gems to 1 lucky winner, ends this Saturday.
Sam Broderick I'm now ranked Experienced (top 60%) in Fallout 4 on Raptr!