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JourneyThroughHell @ZeRootOfAllEvil It's okay. Kicksphere welcomes all.
JourneyThroughHell @ZeRootOfAllEvil I'm more surprised by the fact that you know who John Terry is.
JourneyThroughHell @ZeRootOfAllEvil Coo, that's much better now.
JourneyThroughHell @ZeRootOfAllEvil You and your "big wurdz".
JourneyThroughHell Felt like being a bit ranty in the morning. Topic now closer to my heart, so might as well put this out there.
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ Yeah, that's what I was hinting at. Kind of like in rallying.
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ Yeah, Norbert's a pro. Pretty young for a touring car driver, too, no?
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ Intrigue. Awesome.
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ I had the window cropped a bit so I read that as "Muller Wins First Ever #WTCC Race", thought that you went full-on sarcastic.
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ Four races to go? No shit, yeah.
JourneyThroughHell Well, there's my answer to that.
JourneyThroughHell @wtf1couk I was expecting that cat again... and I'm still not quite sure that you hadn't posted it.
JourneyThroughHell So, has Chevrolet already wrapped up the team title? Can these guys fight?
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ Wouldn't be bad for #WTCC actually. Restarts would spice things up.
JourneyThroughHell What in the bloody hell was Tarquini doing?
JourneyThroughHell @PeteAllen_ Haven's generally rocking as a commentator. Wish I wasn't already watching a stream. Russian TV commentators are not as good.
JourneyThroughHell Oh my goodness, this is such an amazing song, why do I never remember it exists?