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Jay Behold a barrage of PC snapshots
Jay Behold the emergency replacement logo
Jay Vita vs The Sun - Promise that the full review is coming, both written and some kind of video accompaniment,...
Jay Hmm. - Well I’m bored and organising my thoughts on the Vita after my travel testing of the thing and...
Jay An Apology - Well I’m back. After an extended hiatus due to having a severe lack of income and employment...
Jay @SerAlexDevine Good sir return swiftly to the injustice league! We have new members pending approval!
Jay @hfcthd To be fair the whole PS+ thing is really just what Xbox Live has been for years, excet you don't need it for netflx + freebies!
Jay RT @Josh_Derocher: @JimSterling "Sony Entertainment acted as the burn center for Microsoft employees following e3 2013."…
Jay @EA_DICE their unlocks into the new F2P version through their Origin/EA account? I know a lot of people who'd buy into that!
Jay @EA_DICE Also PC and Xbox One, with some kind of monetisation of new maps and updates, and treat it as an MMO? Maybe let veterans carry over
Jay @EA_DICE So I don't know if you guys take ideas from the public, but as a huge Bad Company 2 fan, why not put it out as a F2P title on PS4?
Jay RT @TimOfLegend: Excited about announcing something new tomorrow! Not a sequel or a port. Something NEW. I might even put on new underwear.