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Shaun P @mattcolville He'll still have some tricks up his... hand... BUT HE'LL STILL LOSE!
Shaun P @mattcolville As a writer, I get the appeal of seeing a post-Vecna world, BUT, as a viewer, I NEED a good ending.
Shaun P I haven't felt stomach butterflies like this for a LONG time. Can't imagine what it's actually like for those playi…
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 He's in charge of yoga class.
Shaun P @TenacityXl It's a sequel, but usually, people expect something bad from a sequel of an old/cult film.
Shaun P @TenacityXl Ah, this tweet was made after the "Basement Boys" made their first livestream (as for your question, th…
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Galm is in the hot sauce arena.
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Yes. They're in the VIP area. The Very Important Penises area.
Shaun P @drizzitdo2 Yes, everything... well, mostly everyONE stays down there. Especially the Yotubers!
Shaun P I believe "Basement Boys" would make a good podcast name. *Wink* *Wink*, *Nudge* *Nudge*
Shaun P @ZeRoyalViking It all depends on the name. Personally, I like the "Backdoor Bois Broadcast" as the name.
Shaun P @Glooba2 Now I want to. Heard it was good from @ChilledChaos, Tom, Ze, and Galm's new Basement/Buttboi/DerpCast/<Insert name> podcast.
Shaun P HOT DAMN, the new Blade Runner 2049 has a lot of good reviews. Got to say, I didn't expect that.
Shaun P @ChilledChaos Pretty girl? No. Pretty, pretty Princess? YES. Yes indeed.
Shaun P It's just damn sad that others are using this crime for their own personal goals or even their own sick sense of entertainment.
Shaun P To the hard working emergency services and personnel in Las Vegas, keep up the good work. With over 500 injured, you're doing God's work.
Shaun P @ChilledChaosBot Yup, but I have no idea where to buy them over here. They don't really stock Halloween stuff in our supermarkets. :/
Shaun P @ChilledChaosBot I tend to link the unpopular candy. Like circus peanuts. But yeah, we need more of it. Halloween should be more popular.
Shaun P @TypicalCritc No. They fly diagonally.
Shaun P @TypicalCritc I... I would... if I had money.
Jaded Scribe @ChuckWendig and remember, if you're not drinking New Belgium or Bristol beers, you're doing it wrong.
Jaded Scribe @ChuckWendig How long are you gonna be here? I can recommend some great places for food and fun.
Jaded Scribe RT @NathanFillion: Last shot of the season 6 of Castle.
Jaded Scribe RT @scifichat: Q: How many #geeks to screw in a light bulb? A: None; a geek watches the stars and dreams of great things. #SciFiChat out.
Jaded Scribe @ExtantGamer you're at 666 tweets. I find this amusing :-)
Jaded Scribe @ExtantGamer Unfortunately, when your country is ruled by corporate greed and religious fanatacism, true equality is impossible.
Jaded Scribe RT @JuddLegum: Can I burn down your house? No Just the 2nd floor? No Garage? No Let's talk about what I can burn down. No YOU AREN…
Jaded Scribe Hubby thought it was so cute when I got my Pikachu. Then he started hearing "Pikachu use Iron Tail" b4 it hits him in the face. All The Time
Jaded Scribe @ExtantGamer therein lies the rub
Jaded Scribe @ExtantGamer ah got ya. For some reason my mind didn't make that jump. Don't know why
Jaded Scribe @ExtantGamer the name of the card mentioned in the tweet I originally replied to
Jaded Scribe @ExtantGamer looking for the the name brah
Jaded Scribe Of course, after my vacay I get to be on-call... Oh joy
Jaded Scribe One more week. One more week and I get a four day vacay.
Jaded Scribe @NathanFillion did you know you share your birthday with James "Prongs" Potter? I'd be excited. Happy belated bday
Jaded Scribe @br your resignation does not address the problem, and only shows that women should run away rather than face the male dominated industry
1080bitgamer Thank you, Terry Pratchet. I'll miss you
1080bitgamer I'd like an FPS where a two button command to switch off the safety was required until after a certain point
1080bitgamer I wonder if an FPS about a person (maybe a mother) who isn't familiar with guns and is thrown into a war environment would work...
1080bitgamer Wow. I'm almost done with secondary schooling. For permanently, guys. For permanently.
1080bitgamer I refuse to believe I've gotten older or wiser since then
1080bitgamer I made concept art for a CD cover for a non existent band two years ago. The band was called 'Concussive Delight'
1080bitgamer High school: it's like real life level grinding
1080bitgamer @ZoeQuinnzel @jumbleguts Reminds me of The Rolling Stones and a mid 2000s lip gloss magazine advert. Both good things :3