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Jennifer Anderson I must have something subconsciously against French presses. I've broke two in a span of two months and I have to buy another one now.
Jennifer Anderson I like this band a lot and it's pretty folky at times.
Jennifer Anderson Having just tried to walk without a crutch or knee scooter was a success. A slow and limpy one, but I'll take it
Jennifer Anderson So, walking. Something that I never thought I would be so happy to kinda sorta do again.
Jennifer Anderson @miracleofsound Tell me about it. I know people back home that pull that shit and, while they're good people, I hav…
Jennifer Anderson Made some hydrophones. Gonna see what they sound like in a bit once the glue dries and settles.
Jennifer Anderson @miracleofsound Having since moved out of the US, yeah. It's been screamingly apparent to me and I just worry that they don't care.
Jennifer Anderson Three solder burns later, I made some stuff. Gonna gingerly grab a beer and call it a day.
Jennifer Anderson Gonna make some hydrophones today, so let the soldering begin.
Jennifer Anderson Played the demo of Last Epoch, and, yeah, it has some optimizing issues. But I can see where they are going with th…
Jennifer Anderson So, the Twins lost and Juventus lost, but Arsenal won. I shouldn't be all that surprised about the Twins, but fuck'…
Jennifer Anderson Holy shit balls, Dozier. #MNTwins
Jennifer Anderson Fun fact: Cutting fresh onions with only having one good leg makes hobbling away while crying for the joys of sight…
Jennifer Anderson Day three of re-learning how to walk: chicken leg ain't happy but it can deal.
Jennifer Anderson I don't really care for death metal in general, but damn is Dethklok bangin'.
Jennifer Anderson I'm constantly amazed at people's ability to function before coffee. I mean, I've had to re-write this sentence and…
Jennifer Anderson Oh damn, God of War comes out tomorrow. I almost forgot about that. It looks so good with beardy Kratos.
Jennifer Anderson Walking again is really weird now.
Jennifer Anderson I'm allowed to walk again! Huzzah! 50% weight on it for now, but still!
Bob Chipman RT @Dinosaur_Diego: Ok guys using the power of Twitter, how far around the world can you get me? Please RT! #OlympicPostcardChallenge https…
Bob Chipman RT @da_wessel: This is terrifying. Donald Trump literally only wants to win. No interest in actually serving our country. Pathetic. https:/…
Bob Chipman RT @RowanKaiser: remember when certain semi-prominent game site editors decided to go full GG after playing The Witcher 3? Witcher 3 didn't…
Bob Chipman RT @outlawvern: If getting banned from a service or place for being an asshole is something that happens to you sometimes, go do some soul…
Bob Chipman @Ambient_Malice @Ironic_Seppuku ..and that means I don't have time to indulge the fantasy that philosophical minutiae trumps results.
Bob Chipman @Ambient_Malice @Ironic_Seppuku Now drop me from this meaningless rhetorical debate-class circle-jerk. I'm a grown-ass man, and that means..
Bob Chipman @Ambient_Malice @Ironic_Seppuku The "alt-right" is a cancer on modernity, and ANY move that cuts them out of the discourse is a good move.
Bob Chipman @Ambient_Malice @Ironic_Seppuku ...doxxing and semen-covered photographs. Stop wasting my time on this South Park-y "Boooth Siiiiides!" crap
Bob Chipman @Ambient_Malice @Ironic_Seppuku ENOUGH of this disingenuous shit. The "fuck you's" in this case come in the form of outright racism...
Bob Chipman the LITERAL sense (as opposed to the "I just don't like Mean Mommy Hillary" sense) today. It's how the game is played.
Bob Chipman Yes, today they'd both be Democrats "too liberal" for most Red States, but when has that stopped anyone? JFK would be a neocon warmonger...
Bob Chipman You want historic symbols to cling to? Fine: Try "The Party of Lincoln and Teddy *Fucking* Roosevelt." At least they accomplished things.
Bob Chipman ...your relevancy, and you later paid for it in Trumpism. Take this opportunity and let Reagan Worship die already.
Bob Chipman ...lies in shambles right next to the Sovietism it was reacting against. You made a weaksauce version of John Wayne president to revive...
Bob Chipman though Reagan wasn't the START of the slide that led to you being the party of trump. Reagan is dead. Reaganomics' reputation...
Bob Chipman Hey, Republicans? Free tip for rebuilding your brand post-Trump: Stop doing the "Party of Lincoln and Reagan" thing for your standard...
Bob Chipman @Ambient_Malice @Ironic_Seppuku ..they're own additional restrictions for users within their borders.
Sharon Chase New post! Sadly turned into a review of Repo!, but hey, it happens.
Sharon Chase @LavenderExtract "You know what's a sobering thought? All the animals from Homeward Bound are probably dead." #youknowyoureanadultwhen
Sharon Chase @LavenderExtract "I'm'a just roll up the rug-sticky-mat with the rug, 'kay?" "NO! They must remain separate! Separate but equal!"
Sharon Chase The prevalence of street music in Portland never fails to lift my spirits. Thank you, Violin Guy on 7th and Morrison last night.
Sharon Chase Season 5 of Babylon 5 has among the best title songs in existence. That is all.
Sharon Chase I give. The Vampire Diaries might actually be a good show.
Sharon Chase Back to work, I guess. Gotta say, though, The Vampire Diaries has not yet COMPLETELY failed to impress me.
Sharon Chase Must go grocery shopping and clean floors today. You know, boring adult stuff.
Sharon Chase Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime, where we're working in a mine for our robot overlords. Did I say overlords? I meant protectors!