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Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 I'm just letting you know about UK law. There's a lot of misinformation regards knives here.
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 ... You will be arrested and the knives seized. You'd be fine if you were camping, or had all stuff with though
Insanum @april_marie @freemind62 depends on how it's carried. You can't walk around with those knives on you and say 'they're good for camping' ...
Insanum @freemind62 @april_marie you'll also be liable for arrest. Foldable under 3" that don't lock are ok, but you will be asked questions
Insanum @freemind62 @april_marie knives that dont fold are illegal. includes any size. If you carry a 2" blade that doesn't fold its a weapon per se
Insanum @frskull You're on Reddit - - Glad you're ok though. Some people are a danger when they get behind the wheel.
Insanum @NPASBirmingham would that effect the flying of the helicopter or is that mainly an issue for fixed-wings?
Insanum RT @GMPSalfordWest: We've kicked in a door in Worsley, got 72 cannabis plants, nobody home. Left a note. GMP, keeping you in the loop. ht…
Insanum RT @WYP_RPU: A powerful message
Insanum @Lost_inthe_Void apart from the 5 tweets that were like 'CHECK OUT THESE SHOOZ <link>' that I've deleted.
Insanum That, By the way, Was sarcasm.
Insanum Cheers for telling me my twitter account was compromised guys.
Insanum To the two GMP cars flying around umston at 2am (in what sounds like a line) on Xmas day, remember - alternate sirens. And Merry Christmas.
Insanum @TheCustodySgt or put one small lump of coal In their property claiming 'he asked me to give this to you'. #notwiththesefuelprices
Insanum And trust me, there is a lots to spot
Insanum It's fastly becoming my new favourite game, spotting all of the driving offences whilst travelling through Bolton.
Insanum In one journey I have seen a car drive through a red light, and a car with seven passengers non-of them restrained. #WhiteHat
Insanum @InspGadgetBlogs PC Rain on scene!
Insanum @InspGadgetBlogs I am impossible to irritate generally, but this would be too far. We've not 'all done it', we have basic human decency.
Insanum Think I need to see a doctor about this. Time to get medicated.
Austin new years...where did the time go,yo.
Austin da da da da da da da da batman!
Austin Hmm forgot I had one of these.
Austin Someone stole my PS3.
Austin Its my birthday.........HELL YEAH!!! I'm now 17.
Austin Nap time.
Austin Oh yeah!!!
Austin Bought Tekken 5 for PSP.
Austin Very Bored.
Austin Bored.
Austin Why is the Mass Effect 2 launch trailer more epic then the full game?
Austin Whas up with halo reach spoilers?everyone knows how it ends.(HINT:they all die)
Austin wow its the 7 already....
Austin On youtube i'm subscribed to a lot of people from Thailand but on twitter I follow alot of people from Japan.Observation of the week.
Austin Now that I have no followers does tweeting count as talking to myself?
Austin I've lost all my twitter followers
Austin Start taekwondo next week.
Austin lost a twitter follower,they are now diamonds.
Austin OH YEAH! I'm following Jackie Chan on twitter!
Austin One twitter stop:internet stardom.
David I voted for @biofeed in Round 6 of The Escapist's March Mayhem #escMM
David I voted for @steam_games in Round 5 of The Escapist's March Mayhem: #escMM
David Just voted for Best Online Magazine #openwebawards
David Just voted for Best Online Magazine #openwebawards
David Just voted for Best Online Magazine #openwebawards
David Just voted for Best Online Magazine #openwebawards
David David Gjorgoski desperately needs help. #626
David David Gjorgoski desperately needs help. #626
David David Gjorgoski has been committed to Asylum 626. #626
David Just voted for Best Online Magazine #openwebawards