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Rebecca @ShantalPai I'm not sure why I told you my tweet name, just so you could tweet silly things about me.
Rebecca @ShantalPai @StarTribune This is surprisingly relevant to me.
Rebecca @ShantalPai And I don't know any indian names so I just drew from my limited pool of memory.
Rebecca @ShantalPai Also I used your name because @SexyAlienBook book was asking for name suggestions for an indian character in their cthulu romanc
Rebecca @ShantalPai An ethnic third wheel is a prerequisite in teenage romance books, it's the third foreign guy who exist to fill the love triangle
Rebecca @ChezApocalypse More name suggestions for the ethnic third wheel: Vanshay, Pai, and Malik
Rebecca @ChezApocalypse The Ethnic Third Wheel needs a name that's foreign sounding, but not too foreign, like 'Shadi' or 'Mola Ram'
Rebecca @adultswim Yes. This shall make history.
Rebecca Photo: spookitron: Guys I told you they’d be best buddies and now it is CANON
Rebecca Photo: meltesh28: inspired by davesprite
Rebecca Photo: 2p00k13z: cybercafefiction: [ Danser! ] SCREAMS BECAUSE SUDDEN RUSH OF FEELS THAT I CANT HANDLE
Rebecca Audio: inkys: stagnant //(slipping cover) download @ tindeck!! cover art credit (gosh this hurt my voice a...
Rebecca Photo: roachpatrol: Thirteen, so, technically a teen.
Rebecca Photoset: cosmicyawn: Breath. Light. Time. Space. Years ago, four kids lived in a state of peace. But on...
Rebecca Photoset: Season Two Azula VS Everyone. Requested by - xxscottlykarnixx
Rebecca So... - greydelisle: greydelisle: greydelisle: Homestuck? Vriska sure would be fun to voice… … Sweet Mothe…
Rebecca So... - greydelisle: greydelisle: Homestuck? Vriska sure would be fun to voice… … IS THIS THE REAL LIFE?OR …
Rebecca So... - greydelisle: Homestuck? I KNEW IT. I KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. I'm breaking out the picture.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion I had just came from playing Uncharted to playing that though, so I might just be comparing it to Uncharted.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion Sound ideas, but sloppy execution. That's my opinion.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion "Fuck that fucking shit! Fuck those fucking guys, shit them up, motherfucker! Bastards, fuck you!" All the dialogue
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH The gold man, the gold. It just makes it aesthetically pleasing to the head. And Hengsha is just a stunner.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH @OnyxOblivion Okay, that one is the most evil one ever. Kane and Lynch was a fucking atrocious game.
Jack and Calumon I mean, it was 4 years ago. We've had other beautiful games come out now. Uncharted 3, Crysis 2, Deus Ex, RAGE.
Jack and Calumon With the news that MGS4 is getting trophies, I'm now wondering about whether it's still the game with the best graphics ever l remember.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion I imagine one could work with someone on that now and just boost their way there.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion Wait, holy shit, what you just said is actually news. Oh God+ yes, oh dear god yes. Give me another reason to play it Kojima!
Jack and Calumon @JimSterling Oh my god, I'm having flashbacks about that advert. The knocking, the annoying voice, the layering sounds... I am worse off now
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion Eh, Kojima wouldn't ask us to get the stupid hard to get ones. He didn't in the HD collection.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion The only other answer was motorstorm.
Jack and Calumon @JourneyTH This leads to the questions of "What detail was it set to?" and "How good is your laptop?"
Jack and Calumon @TrueAntitonic I know, I'm joking. :p But I am disappointed as I did play Max Payne 1 + 2 on PC.
Jack and Calumon Well... back to being a console scrub for me. I've hit my wall.
Jack and Calumon My computer isn't bad. I can play Alan Wake on max detail and get a nice amount of fps, but Rockstar games on PC... damn.
Jack and Calumon My original plan was to get Max Payne 3 on PC, but looking at the recommended requirements on Steam, that's probably a bad idea for me.
Jack and Calumon @OnyxOblivion There's space marines in it.