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MiracleOfSound RT @Liam_Fountain: Worst Guns N' Roses cover ever
MiracleOfSound Dark Souls gifs are a gift that keeps on giving haha
MiracleOfSound @Empty_Knights Nope, been partying this weekend, maybe next week :)
MiracleOfSound @NoRightTweet @TheChrisPranger You're in for a really good bad time
MiracleOfSound RT @itsDanBull: Making things is a really good way to spend your time cos after you're finished you have a thing you made
MiracleOfSound @V1rax @JimSterling Ah ok. No thats a different one ;)
MiracleOfSound @rewsmusic Ye were fab! :) Hit us up if ye're ever playing Cork
MiracleOfSound @V1rax @JimSterling I loved that area! Were we complaining about it? I dont remember that lol
MiracleOfSound @MrKrisViking I see what u did there :D
MiracleOfSound @missyleigh82 aw, thank you very much :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan Definitely that'd be a lot of fun :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan @YouTube Thank you! I like those ones too :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan @YouTube Can't wait to do an Andromeda one!!
MiracleOfSound Yes, it's a real thing haha, I'm not making it up
Francis @Auxiliary_Bro Tarot cards get me so hard
Francis Which Pirate Warriors do I get?
Francis @passthemstickss Still had some fun
Francis @Xzyliac David Lynch, Zach Snyder, Sam Lake, Todd Howard, Casey Hudson, Suda 51...
Francis #BetterShoesForPornstars
Francis RT @Xzyliac: I can't believe the Justice League Dark movie is called Silent Hills.
Francis Plan: Beat main quest, or at least get Dragonrend, then Dawnguard, then advance to Dragonborn DLC.
Francis @TheSilkiest Even if just campaign, worth $5
Francis Might get one of these Pirate Warriors games on the PSN sale. But which one?
Francis RT @Muddin4Jesus: Word up, bong mamas and kush daddies. Jesus "toke" on the sins of the world so you don't have to! Save that dank fire for…
Francis Lydia, Serana, and Esbern all following at the same time. Shit is crazy. Especially with Serana's zombies and my atronachs. #Skyrim
Francis RT @JonTheDuelist: The camera in Kingdom Hearts fights me more than the Heartless do.
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KAPTAINmORGANnWo4life @TheSpoonyOne You don't have a very good history with series that can't get that straight, do you?
KAPTAINmORGANnWo4life @JimSterling Well, at least Michael Bay isn't involved, so he has the potential to be something other than shiny dog shit.
KAPTAINmORGANnWo4life @LandonEnglish #langlish Is it actually possible to use this course? Modules don't open, Mail won't send, NOTHING is working properly.
KAPTAINmORGANnWo4life @LandonEnglish #langlish Alright, am I the only one who gets that AWFUL beeping noise EVERY TIME it loads a new page?