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Micah RT @PhillyD: Last day to vote #DeFrancoShowForStreamys by RETWEETING THIS TWEET! We might be able to get this win but only if we have a las…
Micah RT @cocksailor: twitter loves it when i dunk on libertarians!
Micah I'm in the running to win a New 2DS thanks to Alpharad!
Micah RT @alpharadtv: On another note, if you already have a 3DS/2DS, enter this one! Giving away three copies of Miitopia!
Micah RT @alpharadtv: In honor of the Miitopia series, I'm giving away a New 2DS XL! Come check it out! Winner announced October 1st :D
Micah RT to vote 'The Philip DeFranco Show' for Show of the Year at the @Streamys! Every RT Counts! #DeFrancoShowForStreamys
Micah I'm not the only one who sees it, right?
Micah @BrunoHirschkoff I want to read.
Micah RT @ASlavitt: JUST OUT: Here's a summary of the Graham-Cassidy repeal. Yes, it's that bad. Spread far and wide if useful.…
Micah I am made of sweat.
Micah RT @panderp: This person literally wants me to kill myself rather than them have to accept me as a woman
Micah @panderp I wanna flick your nips.
Micah @NightlyLeopard Oh yeah? I haven't see It yet.
Micah @RogerMeow @SeraphKitten I also want the details, please.
Micah @Bubblewuff I get the 'sage' scented kind, cuz I like smelling herbal.
Micah @fuktwonk It's too bad SEGA decided to get greedy and delay the PC version for two weeks so that they could secretly hide DRM onto it.
Micah @MaverickSkye Fuck MyMathLab with a shovel.
MiracleOfSound RT @Liam_Fountain: Worst Guns N' Roses cover ever
MiracleOfSound Dark Souls gifs are a gift that keeps on giving haha
MiracleOfSound @Empty_Knights Nope, been partying this weekend, maybe next week :)
MiracleOfSound @NoRightTweet @TheChrisPranger You're in for a really good bad time
MiracleOfSound RT @itsDanBull: Making things is a really good way to spend your time cos after you're finished you have a thing you made
MiracleOfSound @V1rax @JimSterling Ah ok. No thats a different one ;)
MiracleOfSound @rewsmusic Ye were fab! :) Hit us up if ye're ever playing Cork
MiracleOfSound @V1rax @JimSterling I loved that area! Were we complaining about it? I dont remember that lol
MiracleOfSound @MrKrisViking I see what u did there :D
MiracleOfSound @missyleigh82 aw, thank you very much :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan Definitely that'd be a lot of fun :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan @YouTube Thank you! I like those ones too :)
MiracleOfSound @Lisertan @YouTube Can't wait to do an Andromeda one!!
MiracleOfSound Yes, it's a real thing haha, I'm not making it up
Phillip Silbernagel @CommunityMC a bit harsh I think, have you been onto the server besides the event server we use for events? We have more then just events.
Eden Volfer Gods, I'm weird sometimes... *Just read over his previous tweets.* I sure hope poeple don't judge me for those... *Stares at you. Just you.*
Eden Volfer OHHAI TWITTER. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN STANDING THERE? ... Watching me... With those unforgiving eyes...
Phillip Silbernagel @DCUO Take as much time as you need... I really want to play but it would suck if it did not work as it should. No rush =D
Phillip Silbernagel @notch You know what would be a good Enchantment for helmets? A Mining Enchantment, adds a light source to the helmet.
Eden Volfer RT @TheLibraDaily: #libra have a strong critical mind. Oh, we just pretend to be oblivious, stupid and happy-go-lucky. #thelibradaily
Eden Volfer RT @ZodiacFacts: #ZodiacFacts #Libras,are great to tell secrets to because they never listen to anything properly and promptly forget wh ...
Eden Volfer RT @TheLibraDaily: #libra fancy a fuss-free, honest, simple and genuine love. We get tired of guessing games and uncertainty. #thelibradaily
Eden Volfer RT @timminchin: Did you know: 75 million years ago today, God whisked all the good little dinosaurs away to heaven. #velocirapture
Eden Volfer RT @TheLibraDaily: #libra dislike people who blame everyone else but themselves. Go do some reflection is our best advice. #thelibradaily