GamerLympics '08: Game Trivia

Welcome to the GamerLympics '08 Game Trivia event! Originally run on August 8th, 2008, we've pulled this event from our archives to give everyone who missed it the first time a chance to give it a shot.

Can you pick Kid Icarus out of a lineup? Do you know the difference between Mr. Do! and Dig Dug? Can you name every character in every Final Fantasy? Then have we got a trivia quiz for you. The Gamer Trivia quiz has questions both easy and brain-meltingly hard, so do your best, and don't give up!

  1. Gold Medalist - Pat M.
  2. Silver Medalist - nilcypher
  3. Bronze Medalist - Dawnarac


This quiz is 125 questions based on gaming that we feel gamers should know about. You will have 20 minutes to complete this quiz.


This is 20 minutes of RUNNING TIME, so block out 20 minutes of your day. You get ONE CHANCE to take this quiz. If there is a problem with your computer or your phone rings, there are no retakes and we will not accept excuses. This is the GamerLympics, so get focused, get pumped and get ready to speed through this quiz! You must answer every question. If you don't know it, guess and move on.

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