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14 Jan 2014 16:47
Jessica Fielhauer @TheEscapistMag @JimSterling Aw thanks guys! Gotta keep making things pretty. Reply
5 Dec 2013 21:55
Jessica Fielhauer Download Free Psd Website Templates & Other Psd freebies at ! Enjoy :) Reply
20 Jun 2013 12:12
Jessica Fielhauer @SusanArendt @russpitts oh nice! thats gonna be so awesome! I expect pics and a full report. :D Reply
20 Jun 2013 11:36
Jessica Fielhauer @russpitts Geeze! go easy on yourself! Reply
20 Jun 2013 09:53
Jessica Fielhauer @russpitts you training for something specific? Reply
20 Jun 2013 09:46
Jessica Fielhauer Heard around the office - "I ain't no copywriter!" Reply
15 Apr 2013 13:19
27 Feb 2013 10:40
Jessica Fielhauer Why Does My Kid Freak Out? via @slate Interesting and well written read on toddler behavior Reply
21 Feb 2013 10:48
Jessica Fielhauer @Gregtito Spoken like a true gamer of an almost two year old. :P Reply
6 Feb 2013 17:23
Jessica Fielhauer @russpitts are you at Eno or Umstead? Reply
1 Feb 2013 12:36
Jessica Fielhauer @russpitts ahhh! adorbs! that first one looks like Maddie. Reply
31 Jan 2013 11:05
23 Jan 2013 18:35
17 Jan 2013 17:07
9 Jan 2013 15:23
Jessica Fielhauer Some days I wish I had a magic button I could push to make things 'just look awesome.' I would smash the hell out of that button. Reply
7 Jan 2013 17:35
Jessica Fielhauer @s0osleepie *hug* Heal up lady. sends good thoughts your way. Reply
29 Oct 2012 11:09
Jessica Fielhauer @SusanArendt so much awesome! Only now the little lamb costume I whipped up seems pretty sad. :P Reply
31 Aug 2012 15:32
Jessica Fielhauer @SusanArendt thanks lady! Tho she's more like a mini Jeff at the moment Reply
31 Aug 2012 15:30
Jessica Fielhauer @russpitts *ear to ear grin* best compliment I've ever recieved Reply
21 Aug 2012 11:51
Jessica Fielhauer @inkycats ahahahhahaha. you win tuesday. Reply