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How To

Instructions on How to Participate in March Mayhem 2012!

Below you will find everything you need to know about participation, voting, and accruing entries for great prizes. If you have any additional questions, please leave them in our March Mayhem forum.

Good Luck! Prepare to enter the Mayhem.

How to Participate

It's easy to begin supporting your favorite developers in March Mayhem! First, you must be logged into your The Escapist account. If you are not a The Escapist community member, you can register for a free account by clicking here, or Login with Facebook. (Please note that creating multiple accounts will result in all of your accounts being banned and all votes negated.)

Everyone can vote and participate but you must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for prizes.

If you are participating before March 7th, fill out your bracket here. Filling out the bracket does not automatically cast your vote, but does grant you 25 entries into the random prize giveaways!

Please note: Developers are allowed to promote in any way they wish EXCEPT for promising or giving away prizes if they win.


Each match-up you vote in grants you another entry towards winning one of the amazing prizes (this will link to the Prizes page). Voting can be done two different ways:

  1. Click on the "VOTE" button from our main bracket page, and a match-up page will pop up. Go through the list and vote on each of the match-ups, then head over to the forums to chat!
  2. Voting is also available via each match-up thread in our official March Mayhem forums. Just click any of the threads and there will be a click-able link within each thread.

Each round lasts 48 hours. If there is a tie, the match-up will have another 24 hours of open voting until a winner is announced.

Filling Out Your Bracket

Before March 7th, you are able to fill out your own bracket with who you think will win each match-up and win the whole tournament. Use this as your predictions for the tournament. While there will be a couple badges given out, the brackets are for fun, bragging rights AND they get you 25 entries toward the random drawing of prizes. To begin making your choices, click here. Once on the page, click the "Begin to Vote" button in the middle of the page or click on any of the match-ups. A pop-out frame will then be displayed to make voting easier. Click the "VOTE" button of the developer you wish to support for that match-up and then click the "Next" button on the right side of the pop-up. Once you have gone through all of the match-ups for each round, the page will automatically save.

Please note, you are welcome to make as many changes as you like to your bracket before March 8th. Just remember, if you change one choice, it may change part of your bracket as well, so update your entire bracket accordingly.

Bracket Scoring

As you fill out your bracket, remember that you are competing for a nice limited edition badge! Each round has a point total associated with it, so the more match-ups you choose correctly, the more points you will get overall. Here is the breakdown of the points system:

  • Round 1 = 1 point per match-up
  • Round 2 = 3 point per match-up
  • Round 3 = 5 point per match-up
  • Round 4 = 7 point per match-up
  • Round 5 = 9 point per match-up
  • Round 6 = 11 point per match-up

At the end of the tournament, the top 3 bracket owners will get special limited edition badges. To view how you and the rest of the bracket owners are doing, make sure to keep visiting the Leaderboard Page or click on the "Leaderboard" tab at the top of the page.

Round Schedule

On March 8th, you can begin casting your votes. Below is a schedule for each round, with all rounds starting at approximately noon Eastern Standard Time. Make sure to cast your vote for each round. Remember: every vote gets you another entry towards the prizes!

  • Round 1: March 8th - 10th at 17:00PM EST
  • Round 2: March 12th - 14th at 17:00PM EST
  • Round 3: March 15st - 17th at 17:00PM EST
  • Round 4: March 19th - 21st at 17:00PM EST
  • Round 5: March 26th - 28th at 17:00PM EST
  • Round 6: March 29th - 31st at 17:00PM EST


Thanks to our friends over at ORIGIN PC, we have some great prizes this year! Head over to the Prize Page to check out what we are giving away.

Also, your favorite developers also have a chance at winning some amazing ad packages, right here on The Escapist!

Picking a Prize Winner

  • This event will be open from February 23rd, 2011 until approximately 17:00PM EST on March 31, 2012.
  • Winners will be chosen at random on April 9th and contacted via email with 24 hours to respond.
  • Failure to reply within 24 hours will negate the previous entry and another winner will be chosen.
  • Once a winner has been verified, the winner will have to fill out an affidavit to verify age and a W9 for tax purposes (or their country's tax form if any).
  • You MUST be 13 years of age or older to participate.
  • You MUST be 18 years of age or older and a resident of the US, Canada, UK, AUS, or NZ to win.

Winning Prizes and Extra Votes

There are a ton of different ways for you to participate in March Mayhem! And each gives you more entries towards the prizes.

  • Your Bracket - Filling out a bracket before March 8th will give you 25 entries automatically, regardless of who you choose.
  • Voting - Each match-up you vote in gets you an extra entry. If you vote in every match-up, that is 63 entries just for clicking a button.
  • Facebook - Like The Escapist Magazine Facebook page and post your Escapist username for 10 extra entries! (i.e. Escapist username = s0osleepie). You can find our page by clicking here.
  • Twitter - You can Tweet once per round, per match-up, giving you the potential for another 63 prize entries and helping out your studio of choice twice as much!
  • Follow @TheEscapistMag
  • After voting in each match-up via the pop-up display, a Twitter box will become visible. All you have to do is click on that and your tweet is ready to be posted.
  • After tweeting, your developer will automatically get a second vote AND you will get another entry towards the Grand Prize drawing.
  • There is no external method of Tweeting for this tournament.

Please remember, you MUST update your Escapist profile with your Twitter username or we can't track you. If we can't track you, none of your tweets will count. To sign up for your free Twitter account, click here and make sure to follow @TheEscapistMag.