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Welcome to March Mayhem: Developers' Showdown

March Mayhem: Developers' Showdown is an exclusive event on The Escapist where the top 64 game developers go head-to-head in an elimination style tournament to see who comes out on top. Who makes the call on which developers make it to the next round? People like you from around the world! Developers will be relying on your votes to progress through the tournament and take home the March Mayhem title. Last year, the Final Round brought Valve a victory over a very difficult match-up against BioWare. From upsets to blowouts, nobody knows what will happen this year, but we guarantee it will be fun to watch and participate!

The voting begins March 14th and lasts until April 5th, after which the winner will be announced. Voting and tweeting for your favorites in the tournament will grant you a chance to win some awesome prizes, provided by our sponsor, Alienware! Also, make sure to check out all of the tabs at the top of the page to help you navigate quickly through March Mayhem content.

To participate in March Mayhem, you must be a The Escapist community member, but becoming one is as easy as Login with Facebook or using this form. After accepting the agreement, please take a look around! We have a thread ready and waiting for you to ask questions about our content and what keeps bringing members back, making The Escapist one of the best destinations on the web. Overall, we really just want everyone to have a good time and enjoy his or her stay. Due to the popularity of March Mayhem, there is a slight chance you may have to wait to vote or post in the forums. If this happens, please preemptively bookmark The Escapist and take a look around while we clear the queue. We promise interesting and entertaining content throughout the site.

For more information on how to participate, our rules, voting and how to win prize, head over to our Participation and Rules page by clicking the tab at the top of the page. If you are already a member of The Escapist and want to fill out your bracket, please click the "my bracket" tab at the top of the page and begin your journey into Mayhem!