Anthony Saves The World
Episode 1.6: Friggin' Zombies

Mikey Neumann | 9 Mar 2011 12:00
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On this very special episode of Anthony Saves the World, everything Anthony and Mikey have fought to hold off, comes sauntering back because of a single mistake (of a couple cases of 18 mistakes, depending on your outlook.) Can they hold off the scourge? And how does an incantation really work? Why does Mikey only like bad movies? Find out all this, and more, in this episode!

Anthony Saves The World is an independent project of Mikey Neumann, Creative Director of GearBox Software (Borderlands), and Anthony Burch, creator of hit web series HAWP. It takes the best aspects of science fiction and effortlessly mutates them into something that cannot be deemed "science" or "fiction."