Anthony Saves The World
Episode 10: Debbie Pt. 2

Mikey Neumann | 27 Apr 2011 12:00
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On this very special season finale of Anthony Saves the World, Anthony and Mikey quickly learn the true meaning of "Deathbringer." Lisa Foiles guest stars the shit out of this episode and is hot. That's why you're watching right? Watch a girl beat up a couple of nerds? What was I sayin'? Oh yeah, plot stuff is happening and then the entire season comes back to bite them in the ass. Twice. Good times. Just watch it.

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Anthony Saves The World is an independent project of Mikey Neumann, Creative Director of GearBox Software (Borderlands), and Anthony Burch, creator of hit web series HAWP. It takes the best aspects of science fiction and effortlessly mutates them into something that cannot be deemed "science" or "fiction."