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No Right Answer: The Escapists Debate

Team Hollywood | 10 Oct 2013 18:00
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here's nothing quite like demanding people to state their opinion on meaningless pop-culture items. Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw, Bob "Movie Bob" Chipman, Graham Stark, Chris Pranger, and Dan Epstein join forces for what could possibly be the greatest series of debates since the dawn of time. We'll start out using fan suggestions to debate in the style of the wildly popular "Who Would Win?" episodes of No Right Answer. Then the main event; A feature debate where panelists split into teams, and tag in when they have a killer point to make. If you've ever wanted to see Yahtzee and Movie Bob get into a shouting match, you're welcome to attend and watch the magic unfold.

Bob Chipman
Yahtzee Croshaw
Graham Stark
Dan Epstein
Chris Pranger
Jim Sterling

Main panel room sponsored by SMITE.