Escapist Expo
The Escapist Q&A – Day 1

Team Hollywood | 12 Oct 2013 15:00
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You get to ask all of the Escapist contributors whatever you want. This Q&A session will start with a few introductions, but then we'll jump right into handing the mic over to you to ask your heart's desire. Why doesn't Yahtzee wear his hat anymore? What does Jim think about sandwiches? Does Lisa Foiles wear boxers or briefs? Now's your chance to ask! (We will be having three sessions of this Q&A over the weekend so don't worry if you miss one.)

Yahtzee Croshaw
Bob Chipman
Gavin Dunne
Dan Epstein
Chris Pranger
Lisa Foiles
Mark J Kline
Graham Stark
Paul Saunders
Jim Sterling
Andrea Rene
Greg Tito

Main panel room sponsored by SMITE.