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021: This Podcast Is Full Of Spoilers. A TON Of Spoilers.

Team Hollywood | 20 Oct 2014 20:17
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On most days, we talk a lot about rumors, confirmed rumors and just straight up spoilers on the Escapist Movies and TV podcast, but we rarely actually spoil stuff. Today is not most days. Bob and Ross talk Star Wars, Marvel, and DC rumors galore and use that as an excuse to talk about spoilers. What makes a spoiler? How long is long enough before spoilers no longer really count? And of course, are people too sensitive about them? We try to figure all of that out. Oh, we also spoil Citizen Kane, The Empire Strikes Back, The Matrix, Planet Of The Apes, and lots more. Obviously, SPOILER WARNING.

The cast this week: Ross Lincoln and Bob "MovieBob" Chipman.

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