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026: Bob and Ross' Thanksgiving Holiday Spectacular

Team Hollywood | 24 Nov 2014 17:00
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If you're like us, then come Thanksgiving, there's a strong chance you'll be desperately steering your relatives away from political conversations, failing miserably at that task, and sneaking off as soon as possible to guzzle booze and watch holiday specials instead. Fortunately, if you're like us, you also have a podcast. So it is that Ross and Bob, thinking ahead to your holiday well being, have recorded a special Thanksgiving/start of the Christmas season edition of the Movies and TV podcast. They talk about the roots of Christmas, both secular and not so, they talk about the need for a holiday film that reflects the modern experience more accurately, and best of all, they try to figure out just why, at least in film, Thanksgiving is the family holiday while Christmas is all about hooking up. It's thankstastic!

You can go ahead and listen now, but we strongly recommend you pop this one into your mp3 player or other preferred listening device and save it for Thursday. After all, who better to spend an awkward family holiday with than two awkward guys who can ramble at length about George Washington's military virtues?

The cast this week: Ross Lincoln and Bob "MovieBob" Chipman.

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