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027: Sony Hack 2 - The Sequel

Team Hollywood | 22 Dec 2014 16:30
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Like a gift from Santa - or maybe you prefer Momus, the god of mockery - we get to end the year with a spectacular controversy full of disagreement and yet that unites everyone behind the idea that something incredibly stupid just happened. I speak, of course, about the recent hack of Sony Pictures.

Mountains of private information, not to mention digital prints of certain films and a ton of intercompany email, were leaked. But the biggest story is that the hackers - the so-called Guardians of Peace - demanded that Sony cancel the release of the Seth Rogen/James Franco assasination-of-Kim Jong Un comedy The Interview, making some terroristic threats along the way. You all know what happened next (spoiler: Sony pulled the release after all the major theater chains opted not to show the film.)

And now everyone is talking about delicious industry gossip, geopolitical problems, and free speech. And so are we! In this week's podcast, Bob and Ross dig deep into all aspects of the Sony hack story as only they can: with Bob barely tolerating Ross' long-winded digressions. Enjoy, and of course, hack the planet!

The cast this week: Ross Lincoln and Bob "MovieBob" Chipman.

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Note: The character actor whose name Ross forgot was the late, great J.T. Walsh.

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