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PAX Panel: What Women Really Want From Female Characters

The Escapist Staff | 30 Aug 2011 17:30
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Join Susan Arendt, Brittany Aubert, Christa Carter, Kathleen DeVere and AJ Glasser as they discuss what they embrace in female fictional characters and why these attributes are important. They will identify their favorite characters and how they would like more heroines with similar attributes integrated into Geek culture.

Susan Arendt, Senior Editor, The Escapist (Moderator) - @SusanArendt
Brittany Aubert, Associate Producer, 5th Cell - @baubert
Christa Carter, President and CEO, Trixieland Consulting - @Trixie360
Kathleen DeVere, Writer/Performer, LoadingReadyRun - @Kathleen_LRR
AJ Glasser, Lead Writer, Inside Social Games - @Joygirl007

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