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036: Mass Effect 3 & Tali Stock Photos

The Escapist Staff | 9 Mar 2012 17:45
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This week, we discuss some of our first impressions on Mass Effect 3 (of those of us who didn't review it), the controversy surrounding the use of stock photography in the game and whether or not a bad ending can ruin a whole game. We also respond to a number of your questions.

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The cast this week: Susan Arendt, Justin Clouse, Paul Goodman and Greg Tito.

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Running Time: 1hr 59min.

00:00 - Flying cars, Dr Who and Americathon
03:45 - Thunder shirt
06:45 - The Secret World
15:30 - First Impressions of Mass Effect 3
28:25 - Does a bad ending ruin the whole experience? Spoilers for Neverwinter Nights 2
44:20 - Mass Effect 3 and use of stock photography Minor Spoilers for Mass Effect 3
57:20 - Listener Questions

Theme Music - Ian Dorsch
Sephiroth's Deliverance - Skummel Maske

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