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047: Listener Questions About Gay Game Characters

The Escapist Staff | 1 Jun 2012 17:00
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This week, we delve into our pile of user questions and discuss what games can or should have gay characters, American vs. British TV, and what Susan's forum avatar is all about.

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The cast this week: Susan Arendt, Justin Clouse, Steve Butts and Greg Tito.

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Time Signatures:

00:00 - Sound Check, Frogs 2
04:28 - Welcome back, Steve, Dune
10:00 - E3 Games we're excited about: Lego Lord of the Rings, Cyberpunk
25:25 - What games might/should we see LGBT characters?
42:27 - Why do some Americans watch British TV and vice versa?
54:50 - Advice request, should we confront someone who hated on gamers and straight people?
1:07:12 - After break, the casual versus hardcore debate rears its head again
1:18:24 - What is Susan's forum avatar?

Game: Arkanoid (Imagine Software, 1986, C64)
ReMixer(s): Chris Abbott
Composer(s): Martin Galway
Song(s): 'Loader'

Running Time: 1hr 23min.

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