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Bonus: Game of Thrones-Cast - Season 2 Wrapup

The Escapist Staff | 14 Jun 2012 20:00
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Wherein we discuss all the plot changes from the book in the last two episodes.

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The cast this week: Alexander Macris, Susan Arendt, Janelle Bonanno and Greg Tito.

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Running Time: 1hr 30min.

00:00 Janelle of the BDSM Department
02:00 Battle of Blackwater Bay
20:00 How Changes Will Affect Next Season
31:20 The Prophesies (Or Lack Thereof) of Daenerys
48:26 How Evil is Stannis/Melisandre?
54:30 Who Should Win the Battle of Blackwater Bay?
01:03:39 Jon Snow and Beyond the Wall
01:19:27 "Should I Read the Books?" Yes!

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