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51: Stomping Robots, Roasts and Game Genres

Team Hollywood | 29 Jun 2012 20:00
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Loud neighbors and game journalists, beware.

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The cast this week: Susan Arendt, Steve Butts, Mike Kayatta and Greg Tito.

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Susan Arendt, Managing Editor: @SusanArendt
Greg Tito, Senior Editor: @Gregtito
Mike Kayatta, News Manager: @mikekayatta

00:00 - Sound Check
03:22 - Introductions
11:10 - The Mystery of the Stomping Robot
19:15 - Jon Lovitz Beats Up Andy Dick
30:17 - Happy Birthday Ray Harryhausen
36:52 - How to Respond to a Friend Disliking Your Games
46:13 - Trying to Get Susan to Watch Arrested Development
01:02:31 - The Female Equivalent to Sports
01:07:04 - Do Gamers Care Too Much for Innovation?
01:14:19 - Will There Ever Be a New Genre of Games?

Running Time: 1hr 33min.

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