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052: Listener Questions Round Up

The Escapist Staff | 6 Jul 2012 17:30
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This week, we answer a number of listener questions and explain what Gymkata is.

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The cast this week: Paul Goodman, Justin Clouse, Steve Butts and Schuyler Dievendorf.

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Running Time: 1hr 24min.

00:00 - Sound Check: Insurance Fraud
08:30 - Healthy Pizza
11:54 - Self Diagnosis
17:40 - Gymkata
23:27 - AAA Games Implosion
52:00 - Entry Level Games
1:06:30 - Self-Censoring Gaming Habits
1:15:00 - Females As Videogame Badguys(gals)
1:20:45 - Future Gamer Shoutout

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