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054: Philsophical Discussions and Mike's Murder Mystery

The Escapist Staff | 20 Jul 2012 18:15
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This week, we delve deep into some philosophical conundrums, and also find out that Mike is probably being stalked by a serial killer.

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The cast this week: Steve Butts, Mike Kayatta, Paul Goodman and

Justin Clouse.

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00:00 Sound Check and The Kissenger
05:56 Introductions
08:06 What's Next After The Dark Knight?
28:16 Political Correctness and Ethics in The Games Industry
1:06:57 A Serial Killer Is Probably After Mike
1:15:01 Mike is Preparing to Solve His Own Murder...
1:16:00 ...And Which Actor Plays Who In The Movie
1:23:42 User Questions

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