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062: Expo Re-Cap!

The Escapist Staff | 21 Sep 2012 14:00
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This week, we talk about preparing for the Escapist Expo, how we survived it, and give out ton of special thanks.

The cast this week: Susan Arendt, Mike Kayatta, Greg Tito and Janelle Bonanno.

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00:00 Soundcheck
00:54 Pirate Day and Donuts
05:19 Introductions
07:33 The Thursday Before the Escapist Expo
15:05 The (Fantastic) Miracle of Sound Concert
21:01 Our Content Creators Meeting for the First Time
25:02 Mike Explains Nerd Culture to a Parent
38:58 The Story of Chairs Counting as People
44:29 Praise for the D20 Girls
47:30 MovieBob's Movie Night
48:26 Justin and Paul Save Movie Night (By Running a Lot)
51:10 Mike's Friend Has a Solo Accordian Album
53:50 Our Expo Volunteers Rock
54:23 The Amazing Christopher Robin
56:12 Shout-Outs to Our Panel Volunteers
58:15 Thanks to Our Visiting News Writers
1:02:31 Thanks to Our IT Team and Their Friends
1:05:32 Thanks to the Humans vs. Zombies Crew And Volunteers
1:08:00 Susan Thanks Everyone
1:13:01 The Only Negative Part of the Expo
1:20:00 Final Thoughts on Expo

Running Time: 1 hours, 23 minutes

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