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071: Jumping the Cougar-Shark

The Escapist Staff | 14 Dec 2012 15:00
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This week, we discuss travel tips for the holidays, Star Trek (obviously), and how you can burn out on games while being in either game journalism and development.

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Music courtesy of Nova Siberia

Running Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

00:00 Sound Check
01:15 Dexter the TV Series vs Dexter the Book Series
03:50 Homeland
08:13 Introductions and Holiday Travel Tips
20:55 "How many times can we reference Star Trek in a Week?"
27:30 Susan's Problems With Babylon 5
33:40 Where "Jumping The Shark" Comes From
39:01 What's a No-See-Um?
40:06 Can Game Developers and Game Journalist Get Burned Out On Games?
50:20 A Hypothetical Hiring Question
1:06:08 What Makes Someone a Fanboy/Fangirl, Hipster/Snob, or Critic?

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