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Used Games, B-Movies & JRPGs

The Escapist Staff | 4 Jan 2013 13:00
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This week, we talk about the patent Sony recently filed on a technology that would limit used games sales. We also discuss some recent events with League of Legends and the streaming and let's play that's been growing in popularity among gamers.

The cast this week: Susan Arendt, Justin Clouse, Paul Goodman and Greg Tito.

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Music: The Call of Duty Circus by Miracle of Sound

Running Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes.

00:00 - Sound Check: Farcry 3 UI and when pop-ups in game could be good
06:30 - Introductions, Persona 4 Golden, JRPGs and game title branding
20:03 - Sony files patent to limit used games sales
32:22 - DLC and episodic gaming
42:28 - Beer, Pizza and Cowboy Church
45:28 - The failings of digital distribution and B-movies
55:05 - Finding nerd clothing for girls
1:05:48 - Riot Games, League of Legends and streaming

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