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106: Elder Scrolls Online & Moon Computers

The Escapist Staff | 25 Aug 2013 15:00
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This week, we discuss proper frosting to cake ratios, and also something about Elder Scrolls Online announcing subscription fees.

The cast this week: Janelle Bonanno, Jon Bolding, Josh Vanderwall and Justin Clouse.

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Jon Bolding, Associate Community Editor: @JonathonBolding
Justin Clouse, Senior Editor - Production: @Slycne
Josh Vanderwall, News Manager: @encaen

Running Time: 1 hour, 54 minutes.

00:14 - Introductions, Janelle's birthday and proper frosting to cake ratios
04:45 - PS4 Release Date and Speculation on Xbox One
24:14 - Next Gen Launch Titles
46:38 - Elder Scrolls Online announced $15 a month subscription
1:15:23 - But wait there's more MMO talk
1:23:40 - Listener Questions

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