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119: XCOM Enemy Within, Nintendo and Space Sims

The Escapist Staff | 6 Dec 2013 15:00
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This week, the Podcast crew discusses the inner workings of XCOM: Enemy Within, the Fallout series, and Nintendo's stance on user petitions. We also talk about the upcoming resurgence of the space sim genre with Star Citizen and Galactic Starfighter

The cast this week: Jon Bolding, Paul Goodman, Janelle Bonanno and Greg Tito

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Running Time: 1 hour 24 min

00:00 - Soundcheck; Men Are Stupid, Women Are Crazy, We All Have Vestigial Organs
08:29 - Introductions and Thanksgiving
14:37 - XCOM: Enemy Within
24:03 - Our Game of the Year Bracket and Europa Universalis IV
34:39 - Nintendo's Stance on Petitions
52:51 - Fallout 4
01:08:54 - Controller Sizes
01:13:16 - The Return of Space Sims
1:21:11 - Outro and the Year of Luigi

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