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How to Survive the Mad Max Carmageddon!

MatthewPatrick13 | 17 Sep 2015 12:00
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Mad Max is all about surviving in the desert apocalypse with just your wits and the car you're driving, but what if the world of Mad Max weren't a game? What if you took your war machine out of the screen and put it into a real-world desert war for survival? Today we built our own war machine from the ground up using the in-game features and tested whether you could actually build a car capable of keeping you alive when the end of the world really comes.

Thanks to Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment for giving the whole crew over here at The Game Theorists the chance to experience a sneak peek of Mad Max and learn a ton about the real world science of cars in the process! They sponsored this video and helped support us so we can keep the theories coming.